Kremlin: US denied entry to Russian appointee to UN post

The United States denied entry to a Russian, who was appointed to the UN secretariat, stated the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova.

"Earlier, the Americans refused entry to a Russian citizen for no reason, one who has been appointed to the UN Secretariat. The Americans have been delaying their response for the whole year" Zakharova complained, adding that the United States continue to create problems for Russians. She pointed out that the US has gone to great lengths to disrupt business, cultural, sport and humanitarian travel for Russian citizens.

“The US authorities deliberately impede the work of Russian diplomatic and consular representatives, delaying the issuance of entry permits for new employees. Direct denials of visas have become regular,” emphasized the representative of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. "The United States is abusing its arrangement privilege" as a UN host country, she claimed.

In Zakharova's opinion, Washington manipulates visa issues "to use pressure on other countries as it arbitrarily determines whose representatives are allowed to participate in events through the UN, and whose representatives will not have access." Russia condemned such actions by the United States as a "brutal outrage."

In September, Switzerland also refused to allow the “deputy minister” from the annexed Crimea to attend a UN session.

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