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  • Director of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service: Moscow is collecting data on drone attack on Saudi Aramco facilities

    The Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergey Naryshkin said that SVR is collecting data to identify persons responsible for the attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, reports TASS news agency.

    "We are collecting this data [about who organized the attack], but conclusions have not yet been made," said SVR's director.

    Naryshkin also pointed out to the premature accusations of Iran's involvement in the attacks on the oil company Saudi Aramco's facilities. "It seems to …

  • Russia denies supporting Taliban

    The Russian embassy in Afghanistan says that local media reports that Russia is assisting the Taliban are nothing but speculation and sensationalism.

    “After the recent visit by a delegation of the Qatar Taliban office to Moscow, the Russian Embassy in Kabul has drawn attention to the appearance in the Afghan press of more baseless accusations that Russia is supporting the Taliban,” the embassy said in a statement on its Facebook page.

    The embassy cites two example articles, one of which was …

  • China promises Kremlin $2.6 billion to accelerate Russian economy

    The Russia-China comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation has reached a new level, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev after meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Moscow.

    Medvedev said that after the meeting he and Mr Keqiang signed a set of agreements consisting of nearly twenty documents, including commercial agreements and investment agreements.

    Overall, China plans to allocate roughly $2.6 billion to projects that form part of the plan to accelerate the Russian …

  • Kremlin confirms that ‘CIA agent’ Smolenkov worked in Russian embassy in USA

    Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova has confirmed that former Russian presidential administration employee Oleg Smolenkov, whom CNN considers a CIA agent, also worked in the Russian embassy in the US. She added that she did not know him personally, and that he was involved in economic matters.

    “At some point in his career he worked in our embassy in Washington. I have no more to comment on that. I did not know him personally, our paths did not cross. The only thing I know …

  • Russian pension funds to be invested in securities that caused 2008 financial crisis

    Mortgage bonds, which gained infamy in 2007-2008 when they bankrupted Bear Stearns, sent markets plummeting and caused a global financial crisis, will now be promoted in Russia using national pension savings.

    The Russian Finance Ministry, Central Bank and the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (Dom.RF) have approved a roadmap to develop the mortgage bond market, with banks “packaging” physical entities’ mortgage loan payments and reselling them to investors.

    Such bonds will be included in …

  • Russia’s State Duma to summon foreign diplomats due to protests in Moscow

    The State Duma Council has decided to create an inter-party commission on foreign interference in Russia’s internal affairs, the lower house of parliament announced. Vasily Piskarev, an MP from the United Russia party and head of the Committee for Security and Opposing Corruption, will head the new commission.

    “We are seeing how on government channels a number of countries are voicing statements like ‘Rise up, Moscow!’, calls to action – all of this constitutes interference in Russia’s …

  • Russian gas giant Gazprom asks Kremlin for money for two projects

    The Russian gas monopoly Gazprom has asked the Kremlin to provide financial assistance for a gas chemical complex and a liquefied gas processing complex that it plans to build close to the port city of Ust-Luga, Vedomosti reports, citing a letter from Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

    According to the newspaper, the letter was sent at the end of May. In it, Miller asked that the projects be given the status of “national importance for the economy”. He …

  • Kremlin vows to respond to US military expansion in Europe, Asia and Pacific

    Moscow will take symmetrical measures in response to the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (IMF) only when the U.S. begins deploying new missiles in Europe and Asia, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu in an interview with Russia 24 TV channel.

    "We will not be there until they [the US] get to Asia and the Asia-Pacific region," he added.

    At the same time, Shoygu said that Moscow is ready to continue dialogue with Washington on medium and shorter-range …

  • Kremlin starts dividing budget between Russian billionaires

    The Russian government has officially initiated a process of allocating billions of rubles of assistance to major businesses as part of several national projects that are meant to bring the economy’s growth rate up to world levels, fight poverty and bring about a technological leap.

    The first on the list of billionaires, officials and state corporation directors is Novatek owner Leonid Mikhelson, the wealthiest Russian with an estimated net worth of $24 billion according to Forbes.

    Russian …

  • Italian Deputy Prime Minister calls Putin ‘a great President’

    Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini said that Vladimir Putin is “a great President”, reports ANSA news agency.

    According to him, he intends to work on improving relations between Rome and Moscow. "Putin is a great President. I say this because I think so, and not because I was paid, as some journalists think," he said.

    Salvini also praised the American President Donald Trump, the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro and the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. …