Frenchman brandishing DPR flag in Paris has Russian citizenship

Xavier Moro, the man who waved a DPR flag during Yellow Jacket protests in Paris, has double citizenship – French and Russian. He admitted to this in a broadcast of the propaganda program 60 Minutes on the TV channel Russia 1.

In saying so, he was trying to refute the claims that the riots in France had been supposedly organized by Russia.

“The Yellow Jackets movement in France is anti-maidan, it is completely spontaneous, autonomous. Neither Trump, nor the State Department, nor Lavrov came with cakes… I have been in the Yellow Jackets movement, and will continue to be, as long as Macron remains president,” Moro said, adding that he does not deny having Russian citizenship.

“I am a citizen of France and a citizen of Russia. I have never concealed this. I can even say that I am truly proud to be a citizen of the greatest country that exists on earth, if you want to hear it. And my wife and my children also have double citizenship,” Moro said.

The French government is investigating reports that Russia may have organized the Yellow Jackets protests, but has not yet reached any conclusions.

Earlier, The Times cited a study by New Knowledge on the existence of hundreds of Twitter accounts which have supported the Yellow Jackets. The company believes these accounts are connected to Russia.

Similar information was published by the Alliance for Securing Democracy, as cited by Bloomberg. According to specialists from this organization, several Russian government media outlets have been actively supporting the Yellow Jackets on social media.


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