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  • Russia accuses Ukraine, Germany and France of undermining agreements to create joint council with Donbas militants

    The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that the rejection of the agreements reached with representatives of the militant authorities in the Donbas was not only Kyiv’s initiative.

    "Unfortunately, strange things began to happen after the breakthrough. During the telephone talks, the assistants of the “Normandy" leaders, Berlin and Paris, under various pretexts avoided supporting the agreements between Kyiv and the Donbas,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement.

    According to …

  • Macron: Russia trying to revise WWII history

    Russia is trying to reinterpret the developments of World War II and place the blame for it on the Polish nation, said French President Emmanuel Macron while speaking to Polish students in Warsaw, Le Monde reports.

    The French leader said that he wants to “affirm France’s solidarity with the Polish nation in the face of an entity which denies reality” and seeks to falsify history.

    The dispute between Russia and Poland regarding the role of both countries in WWII broke out after Russian …

  • Russian company demands that Le Pen’s party repay loan

    The Russian company Aviazapchast has filed a claim against the French National Rally party (L’Association Rassemblement National, formerly the National Front), demanding the repayment of a debt, according to case records cited by Open Media.

    The claim indicated in the records amounts to 639.75 million rubles (€9.08 million). A preliminary session has been scheduled for June 2, 2020.

    According to the news outlet, the debt in question is a €9 million loan which Marine Le Pen’s party took out …

  • France is unhappy Zelensky not making progress settling situation in Donbas

    France thinks that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has not been making enough effort to resolve the conflict in the Donbas after the Normandy Format summit in Paris in December last year, Oleg Voloshyn, a former MP who was part of the Ukrainian delegation to the summit, told 112.Ukraine in an interview.

    “France cannot understand why, after quite a successful summit, held at President Emmanuel Macron’s initiative, there has been another pause,” said Voloshyn. According to him, the …

  • Macron to attend Victory Day parade in Moscow on May 9

    French President Emmanuel Macron will attend the Victory Day celebrations in Moscow on May 9, said the French Ambassador to Russia Sylvie-Agnès Bermann in an interview with Echo of Moscow radio station.

    "The president said that he will attend the Victory Day in Moscow on May 9," she said.

    According to the diplomat, Macron has already given a positive answer.

  • Russia’s military intelligence had secret base in French Alps

    Agents of Russia’s military intelligence (formerly the GRU) established a base in the French Alps for conducting special operations in Europe, writes the French newspaper Le Monde, citing anonymous sources.

    According to the news outlet, the GRU task force consisted of 15 officers from an elite intelligence division who were responsible for “contract killings and sabotage”.

    The secret base existed between 2014 and 2018. During this time, the Russian spies made multiple trips from Haute-Savoie …

  • Russian intelligence accused of hacking Macron’s correspondence

    Two Western companies specializing in cybersecurity have received evidence of the involvement of Russian intelligence services to hack the correspondence of French President Emmanuel Macron and his entourage, reports Le Monde.

    Macron’s email was hacked in May 2017 before the second round of the French presidential election. In July, Wikileaks posted 21 thousand letters related to the election campaign of the French President. Macron said at the time that Russian hackers were behind this, but …

  • Russia asks France for shale oil technology

    Russia plans to get French companies to help develop the Bazhenov Formation – one of the largest shale oil fields in the world.

    On Thursday, Natalya Komarova, Governor of the Russian federal subject Yugra, and Didier Houssin, President of the French Renewable Energy Institute, signed a memorandum of cooperation in the area of oil extraction, including hard-to-recover oil reserves. The meeting took place in Paris during an official visit by the Russian governor to the French capital, TASS …

  • Kremlin praises Macron for 'thoughtfulness'

    The Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov called French President Emmanuel Macron's approach to assess Russia's development options as "thoughtful," reports RIA Novosti news agency. According to Peskov, the options proposed by Macron "favorably differ" from the superficial Russophobic and apocalyptic scenarios that are often discussed between different "experts."

    Peskov also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin favors Macron's approach and "highly appreciates" their …

  • Macron: I prefer immigrants from Africa over ‘illegal Ukrainian gangs’

    French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with the right-wing magazine Valeurs actuelles that he is going to fight against parallel societies and illegal immigration to France, including Ukrainians, reports Deutsche Welle.

    "I prefer legal immigrants from Guinea or Ivory Coast over illegal Ukrainian or Bulgarian gangs," said Macron.

    The comment of the French President caused a scandal in France. Critics have accused Macron of playing along with right-wing supporters and trying to …