Damascus: Syria is ready for war with Israel

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad sent an official warning to Christine Lund, the Head of the UNTSO, the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization between Israel on one side and Syria and Lebanon on the other.

In his statement, Mekdad accused Israel of using violence and harming the regional stability, as well as expressed his outrage at the intention of the United States to pass a law recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Last week, Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton, together with Democratic Party Representative Mike Gallagher, sent such a bill to the Senate. The authors of the bill argue that it is time to recognize political realities and abandon the expectations of a peace agreement between Israel and Syria, which could lead to the withdrawal of Israel from the Golan Heights.

The bill received the preliminary support of the leader of the majority in the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Democrat Congressman Steny Hoyer.

The statement of the deputy head of the Syrian Foreign Ministry, which was addressed to the head of the UNTSO, contains a direct threat to Israel.

" We are also not scared away by its [Israel’s] supporters who are helping to perpetuate the occupation of the Golan," the World Israel News quoted Mekdan as saying.

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