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  • Il-20 crash will not affect Israeli strategy in Syria

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that it is not responsible for the destruction of the Russian Il-20 reconnaissance plane and did not use the plane as cover during its attack on Syria, Interfax reports.

    “Israel’s fighters did not hide behind the Russian plane, and were in Israeli air space when the plane crashed,” the IDF’s official statement reads.

    The situation surrounding the downing of the Il-20 over Syria will not change Israel’s plans to make air raids against the pro-Iranian …

  • Israel: downing of IL-20 which resulted in death of 15 Russians was caused by 'indiscriminate firing' by the Syrian air defense

    On September 20, Israeli Defense Forces delegation led by Air Force Commander Major-General Amikam Norkin arrived in Moscow with a report regarding the Russian Il-20 crash in Syria.

    According to ‘The Times of Israel’, after Moscow’s accusations, the Israeli government made "full-scale diplomatic efforts" to resolve the situation fearing to lose close cooperation with the Russian military in Syria. In particular, Israel took unusual actions by openly acknowledging the fact of carrying out the …

  • Russian military observer: Russia lost control of Syrian airspace and shot down the IL-20

    The crash of the Russian Il-20 aircraft in the district of the Syrian city of Latakia was caused by the fact that the Russian military lost control of the airspace and the Syrian air defense system in the area of its Khmeimim airbase, writes Russian journalist and military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer in his blog for the newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

    He reminded that the air defense system of the Assad's Syrian Arab Armed Forces, which the Soviet Union helped to build, was almost fully destroyed due …

  • Israel hands over to Russia data on downing of Il-20 in Syria

    The Israeli military handed over data to Russia regarding the Il-20 aircraft that was shot down, as well as about Iran’s activities in Syria, as stated by the Israel Defense Force on Thursday, September.

     It is noted that a report was compiled on the situation concerning the Syrian air defense system that shot down a Russian aircraft on the night of September 17th.

    In addition, the Israel Defense Force reported on Iran’s ongoing attempts to establish its own military presence in Syria and …

  • Syrian air defense that destroyed Russian Il-20 was not equipped with Friend or Foe System

    The Syrian S-200 missile system, which destroyed the Il-20 aircraft of the Russian Air Forces over the Mediterranean Sea, was not equipped with the Russian identification friend or foe system (IFF) to distinguish their own from other aircraft, stated the chief spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov, writes TASS.

    The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that media reports that say the plane crash was caused by a malfunction of the IFF system are “amateurish fantasies” and “ …

  • In a letter to Putin Assad blames Israel for Il-20 crash

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sent his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin a telegram expressing his condolences in connection with downing of the Russian Il-20 aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea and the death of its crew. The letter was published in an article by the Syrian Arab News Agency.

    “On my own behalf and on behalf of the Syrian nation, I express to you and to the friendly Russian nation my deepest sympathy concerning the incident of the crashing of the Russian Il-20 military plane …

  • Israeli satellite company shows results of missile strike on Syria

    A munitions warehouse in Latakia, Syria, was completely destroyed in an Israeli missile strike, ImageSat International announced in a tweet including several satellite images.

    “Preliminary #BDA – the ammunition warehouse striked two days ago in #Latakia, #Syria, is completely destroyed,” the post states.

    One of the attached satellite images shows a 155x35 meter warehouse on the outskirts of the city in a photo dated 9 April 2017, compared to a photo of the same area dated 18 September 2018, …

  • Israel blames Syria for the destruction of Russian Il-20

    The press service for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed that Israeli aircraft attacked a military facility in the area of Syrian Latakia on the night of September 18th. According to the IDF, from this facility objects were to be transported to Lebanon for Iran and Hezbollah productions of weapons.

    According to the preliminary results of the IDF investigation, the downing of Il-20 was a result of Syrian air defense inaccurate attacks. At the time the missiles that downed the Il-20 were …

  • Israel and Kyiv in talks on transferring Ukrainian the Embassy to Jerusalem

    Israel has suggested to the Ukrainian government that the Embassy of Ukraine be transferred from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,stated the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Minister of Environmental Protection, Ze'ev Elkin in an interview with

    “One of the important topics raised at my meeting with the President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and also at an earlier meeting of our Prime Minister with Pavlo Klimkin during his visit to Israel this year was the issue of transferring the …

  • Russia establishes 4 block posts on the border between Syria and Israel

    The Russian military police deployed four of its eight posts on the Syrian side of the demilitarized zone located near the Israel-controlled Golan Heights, as stated by Deputy Commander of the Russian military group in Syria, Lieutenant-General Sergei Kurylenko.

    According to Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, the posts were established along the Bravo line in the demilitarized zone. The representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense also stated that on the territory of Golan Heights …