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  • Israel asks Ukraine to recognize Jerusalem as its capital

    Members of Israel’s Knesset called on Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to relocate the embassy there, reported UNN news agency, citing the honorary consulate of the State of Israel in the western region of Ukraine.

    “We would be happy if Ukraine could follow the United States’ example and also make this decision [to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital], and to restore historical justice, since Jerusalem has been the capital of the …

  • Israeli jets strike Syrian army near Golan Heights

    Israeli warplanes bombed the Syrian Army in the Golan Heights this evening after Israel accused Assad’s forces of shelling the Israeli territory, Al Masdaq news agency reports.

    According to the reports of the Syrian Army’s 90th Brigade, an Israeli aircraft struck the positions of the Syrian Army near the town of Qaws Al-Sandiyanah located south of Harfa.

    The agency reports that as a result of the Israeli airstrike, the Syrian Army’s 130mm artillery gun was destroyed. No casualties have been …

  • Iran tests ballistic missile capable of hitting Israel

    The Islamic Republic of Iran issued a statement on the successful test of a ballistic missile with a range of 2000 km, as reported by Iran’s state-run media sources.

    According to the Iranian government, the test was successful. It took place a few hours after Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC, a branch of Iran's Armed Forces) demonstrated this missile at a military parade in the capital, Tehran.

    According to the Iranian media, the actions of the Iranian authorities in the sphere of the …

  • First permanent American military base appears in Israel

    The first permanent US military base in Israel began operating on Monday, reported the press service of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

    "Today, the IDF announced a key development in Israel-US relations: a permanent US Military facility on Israeli soil, located within an Israeli Air Force (IAF) base in southern Israel," the report said.

    "We’ve established, for the first time in the State of Israel, the IDF, a permanent US Military facility, flying the American flag," said General Zvika …

  • Israeli Prime Minister: Urgent meeting with Putin prompted by changed situation in the region

    In an interview with Channel 20 Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu named the changing situation in the region "in past weeks" and, in particular, on the Israeli-Syrian border, as the reason for an "urgent" meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  

    The situation in Syria, Netanyahu observed, "was stable until the last weeks." "Over the past weeks, there have been enormous changes," he added, recalling that at the "northern border of Israel", there has been an armed …

  • Russia's Foreign Ministry speaker Zakharova accuses Israel of ‘historical betrayal’ over reconstruction of Sobibor museum

    The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, considers the position of the Jewish state "to be close to betrayal", because it didn’t object to Russia not being allowed to participate in the reconstruction project of a museum at the site of the former Sobibor extermination camp (Poland).

    While appearing on Russia 1, Zakharova "expressing her personal opinion" stated that she "categorically refuses to understand" Israel.

    "The position of this state regarding …

  • Kremlin: Israel must learn to live with US and Russia’s truce agreement in Syria

    The agreement to ensure a truce in southern Syria will not be abolished solely on account of Israel’s fears, it would be more reasonable not to take up arms against this agreement, but rather to find a way “to live with it”, stated Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs.

    As the Israeli news outlet Haaretz reported on Monday with reference to a senior source in the Israeli government, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that the …

  • Israel opposes Russia-US agreement for truce in Syria

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel opposes the Russia-US agreement for a truce in southwest Syria, as it strengthens Iran's position in the region.

    "Israel opposes the ceasefire agreement in the south of Syria reached by the US and Russia because it perpetuates the Iranian presence in the country," he said after meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

    As Haaretz reports, citing its source, Tel Aviv "is aware of Iranian intentions" to significantly expand its …

  • Israel, Russia and U.S. will discuss Syrian issue in Vienna

    Israel, Russia and the U.S. will discuss the Syrian issue in Vienna. Representatives of these countries will meet and clarify details concerning the de-escalation zone in southwest Syria, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in an interview with the newspaper Kommersant.

    “We will support any attempts to de-escalate the situation both in the whole territory of Syria and in the southwest of the country. Of course, it is too early to give a more detailed assessment, because at this …

  • Israel carries out another airstrike on Assad’s Army in Syria

    Israeli aircraft attacked the positions of the Syrian government forces in response to the accidental shelling by Syria, reports the press service of the Israeli Air Force.

    It was previously reported that a shell, reportedly fired from Syria, had exploded in the northern part of the Golan Heights. There were no reports of casualties.

    Israeli authorities admitted that the bombardment was accidental. However, it was noted that Israel regarded the actions of the Syrian army as an unacceptable …