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  • Netanyahu: Israel attacked Iranian arms depots in Damascus airport

    In order to prevent Iran from reinforcing its military position in Syria, Israel is prepared to increase its attacks against Iranian facilities in the neighboring country, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday during a visit to the northern regions of the Hebrew state.

    “[On Friday night] Israel attacked an Iranian warehouse with weapons at the Damascus International Airport. This reflects our resolve to prevent Iran’s military consolidation in Syria. If necessary, we are …

  • Ukraine increases exports of corn to the EU fourfold

    Within the three months of the 2018-19 marketing year, Ukraine has exported 4.66 million tons of maize that is 112% more than the same period last year, reported Ukragroconsult.

    "In November, Ukraine exported 3.12 million tons of corn. It was twice that during first two months of the current period and 97.4% more than in November last year,” the statement reads.

    In September to November, Ukrainian corn was mainly exported to the EU, China and Libya. Compared to the same period last year, …

  • Russia calls Israel's air strikes on Iranian military bases ‘a flagrant violation of Syria's sovereignty’

    In a statement published on Russian Foreign Ministry’s website, the Kremlin stated that the attacks by Israeli warplanes in the vicinity of Damascus are a "flagrant violation of the sovereignty" of Syria, as well as the provisions of the UN resolution.

    "We are extremely concerned about both the fact of the strikes and the way they were carried out. This is a flagrant violation of Syria's sovereignty and the provisions of UN Security Council resolutions, including resolution 1701, " the …

  • Israel strikes Iranian military bases in Syria

    According Syrian sources, Israeli aircraft entered Lebanese airspace at low altitude and then carried a missile attack on military facilities near Damascus. At least three Syrian soldiers were injured during the attack.

    The Syrian state agency SANA confirmed that the air attack was carried out by the Israeli Air Force. According to SANA, some of the missiles were intercepted, but several Syrian soldiers were injured.

    SANA, citing a source in the Syrian Army, reports that air defense responded …

  • Netanyahu: Israel prepared to act in Syria after US withdrawal 

    If needed, Israel is prepared to expand the scope of its military operations in Syria following the withdrawal of US troops, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as reported by the Jerusalem Post. 

    According to Netanyahu, Israel’s policy is intended to weaken Iran’s influence on its neighbor, Syria. “The decision to remove the 2,000 American soldiers from Syria will not change our consistent policy: we will continue to oppose Iran’s attempts to establish military bases in Syria, and …

  • Kremlin: Moscow hopes that Israel and Turkey will recognize Crimea’s annexation by Russia

    Moscow hopes that Israel and Turkey will eventually recognize the "legitimacy of the reunification of the Crimea and the Russian Federation", said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

    “There are several issues where our positions diverge. In the context of Crimea, neither Ankara nor Tel Aviv are yet ready to agree to our reasons that the process of Crimea’s reunification with Russia was fully compliant with the international law, and that no other term can be applied here,” Peskov …

  • Yanukovych wants to leave for treatment in Israel

    Aleksandr Goroshinsky, the lawyer of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said that the former president might leave the country to receive treatment in Israel.

    Goroshinsky is in Moscow, where he arrived to discuss the court hearing with Yanukovych, however, he failed to meet with his client. Instead, the lawyer met with the surgeon who came to inspect the trauma sustained by the Ukrainian ex-president.

    According to Goroshinsky, Yanukovych’s defense lawyers contacted a clinic at the …

  • Syria claims to have repelled Israeli air attack

    Syrian anti-air defense systems reportedly destroyed a number of “hostile air targets” in the region of Al-Kiswa, which lies south of Damascus, reported the news agency Alalam, citing Syrian TV.

    Syrian agency SANA also reported the attack citing a source in the Syrian military.

    “Our anti-air defense divisions responded to an attack by several hostile targets in the region of Al-Kiswa, and shot them down,” the source stated, clarifying that while the attack was being repelled, the Syrian anti- …

  • Europe and Israel agree on alternative to Turkish Stream pipeline

    Gazprom’s prospective southern gas corridor to the EU, initially called South Stream but later renamed to Turkish Stream, now has a major competitor.

    Israel, Italy, Greece and Cyprus have reached an agreement to build the East Med gas pipeline, which will transport gas from the Leviathan gas field, the largest gas field discovered in the 21st century, with an estimated 3.5 trillion cubic meters of reserves.

    According to The Times of Israel, EU experts have given the go ahead to the project, …

  • Lavrov: Israel’s actions threaten the lives of Russian soldiers in Syria

    On multiple occasions, Israel’s actions have put the lives of Russian soldiers in Syria at risk, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais. He made the comment in response to a question about the Russian-Israeli agreements to cooperate in order to ensure the safety of flights over Syria.

    The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that the leaders of the two countries, Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu, have only reached verbal …