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  • Iran trying to oust Russia from Syrian Latakia

    Iran could obtain control over a container port in the Syrian province of Latakia. Negotiations between the leaders of the Islamic republic and representatives of Damascus are already underway, and it is possible that Israel could have Iranian specialists on its doorstep by autumn, reports Rambler news outlet. A stronger foothold for Tehran in Syria will create risks not only for the Hebrew state, but also for Russia, whose relations with Iran can hardly be described as a “strategic partnership” …

  • Israel and Ukrainian Security Service coordinate joint drug bust

    Amos Dov Silver, founder of the Israeli cannabis distribution network Telegrass, was arrested in Kyiv on Tuesday, announced Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Joel Lion.

    At the same time, 42 members of the criminal organization were arrested in Israel.

    The operation was jointly coordinated by the Israel Police and the Security Service of Ukraine’s directorate for fighting organized crime and corruption.

    “The embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine takes this opportunity to sincerely thank our …

  • Damascus: Syria is ready for war with Israel

    Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad sent an official warning to Christine Lund, the Head of the UNTSO, the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization between Israel on one side and Syria and Lebanon on the other.

    In his statement, Mekdad accused Israel of using violence and harming the regional stability, as well as expressed his outrage at the intention of the United States to pass a law recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

    Last week, Republican Senators Ted …

  • Pompeo and the leaders of Cyprus and Greece will meet in Israel to discuss gas pipeline to Europe

    US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis will arrive in Israel in the near future to discuss the construction of the world's longest underwater EastMed gas pipeline from the Eastern Mediterranean to Europe, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the Jewish state stated on Wednesday.

    “In a few days, the leaders of Cyprus and Greece will come here together with US Secretary of State Pompeo to advance the construction of a …

  • Putin to visit Israel at Netanyahu’s invitation

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to take part in the opening of the monument to the victims of the siege of Leningrad that will be established in Jerusalem.

    The invitation to visit Israel was voiced during the meeting of two leaders that took place earlier, on February 27 in Moscow. "In the near future, in Jerusalem, we will establish a monument dedicated to the Victims of the siege of Leningrad and we will be happy to see you, Mr. President, …

  • Russia and Israel will assess possibility of removing foreign forces from Syria

    Russia and Israel will set up a working group with a number of other countries to assess the possibility of removing foreign forces from Syria, a high-ranking source in the Israeli government told reporters on Wednesday after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Moscow, TASS reported. 

    “It was decided to set up a working group with the participation of Russia, Israel and several other countries to work on removing foreign forces from Syria,” the source said. 

    Netanyahu's visit …

  • Netanyahu tells Putin that Israel is determined to continue attacks against Iran in Syria

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. According to Israeli media, his visit was shortened because Netanyahu was required to attend to urgent internal issues in Israel. 

    At the meeting in the Kremlin, the Israeli Prime Minister said that Israel "is determined to continue attacks against Iran and its attempts to entrench military in Syria." According to Netanyahu, Iran and its allies are the biggest threat to the security of the region.  …

  • Netanyahu: Iran’s presence in Syria will be main topic of the meeting with Putin

    Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is in Moscow, where he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Before his departure, the head of the Israeli government announced that the focus of the meeting will be Iran’s military presence in Syria.

    “Today I am going to Moscow, where tomorrow I will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the center of our talks will be Iranian consolidation in Syria. We act and will continue to act against it and attack their bases. I will talk …

  • Kremlin confirms the upcoming meeting of Putin and Netanyahu

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet in Moscow on February 27. Putin’s Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov confirmed that preparations were being made, RIA Novosti reports. Peskov also said that the settlement of Syrian conflict will be discussed at the meeting. 

    As reported on the website of the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu stated that during the meeting with Putin, “Iran's issue will be at the top of the agenda.” They will also discuss the …

  • Netanyahu and Putin agree on a new meeting in Moscow

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin, the prime minister’s press service said. The parties discussed the situation in the region and agreed to hold a working meeting in Russia “in the near future”. 

    The Kremlin’s announcement about the telephone call between Putin and Netanyahu does not specify the exact date of the meeting. 

    According to the press secretary of Netanyahu, he expects to hold talks in Moscow on February 27, RIA Novosti and …