F-35 fighters arrive in Estonia accompanied by NATO reconnaissance aircraft

On April 25th, two US F-35A fighter aircraft and a 100 ARW KC-135 Stratotanker arrived at the Ämari Air Base in Estonia, accompanied by NATO RC-135 air reconnaissance aircraft, according to the Estonian newspaper Postimees.

“When the fighters entered Estonian airspace, there were three NATO reconnaissance aircraft, which is unusually high,” the newspaper noted.

The purpose of the NATO planes was to collect data on the activities of Russian radar systems tracking the arrival of the F-35s, the …

Media: Putin's daughter sold her penthouse in the Netherlands

According to the local edition Quote, Maria Putin’s Hague residence has been put up for sale. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s daughter lived with her husband Jorrit Faassen in the penthouse situated in the suburb of The Hague in the city of Voorschoten.

According to the real estate site, which published photos of the apartment, the cost of the penthouse is about 2.9 million euros. The living space appears unreinforced and uninhabited, but it is partly furnished.

Putin's daughter, according …

Russia lags behind Zimbabwe and Honduras in the Press Freedom Index

Russia took 148th place out of 180 in the World Press Freedom Index list, created by Reporters Without Borders (RSF). The list is published on the organization's website.

According to RSF, the pressure on Russian media continues to increase. In the rating, Russia was ranked lower than countries such as Ukraine (102nd), Zimbabwe (128), Venezuela (137) and Honduras (140).

The top three countries to enjoy the most freedom of the press are Norway, Sweden and Finland. The three countries with the …

Dutch Military Intelligence Service warns of growing threat from Russia

The Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD) warns that both the threat of destabilization on the part of Russia, as well as a sharp increase in cyber threats, is becoming increasingly severe.

This is stated in the annual report published by the Dutch Ministry of Defense.

"Destabilization is partly due to Russian hybrid wars and the global spread of modern weapons systems by them among regimes that do not perceive the West positively. There is also the subversive impact of …

Russian Baltic Fleet to be given newest air defense system

Since the beginning of the year the Ministry of Defense of Russia has been rearming the air defense units of the Baltic Fleet, Izvestia newspaper reported, citing the main headquarters of the Russian Navy. According to sources, personnel is already receiving new equipment and training.

The regiments of the 44th Air Defense Division of the Baltic Fleet will receive the latest long-range S-300V4 anti-aircraft missile systems. These long-range hypersonic missiles are able to hit targets at a …