• Mass protests continue in Belarus

    Mass protests are taking place in Minsk and other cities of Belarus, reported the Belarusian news outlet TYT.by and the Telegram channel Nexta Live.

    Nexta Live announced the "March of Unity" across the country the day before. Its participants were supposed to gather on the central streets of their cities. On September 5, Alexander Lukashenko's rival in the last presidential elections, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, also called for new protests.

    Even before the start of the action, the Belarusian …

  • Russia scrambles 8 fighter jets as U.S. Air Force strategic bombers fly over Sea of Azov

    Russia scrambled eight fighter jets when U.S. strategic bombers entered the airspace over the Sea of Azov on September 4, reported the command of the Ukrainian Air Force.

    "Formation of American B-52H missile carriers and Ukrainian MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters seriously scared the Russian occupiers, who scrambled eight fighters (4 Su-27 and 4 Su-30) and put the Russian Southern Military District's air defense on alert," the statement reads.

    The Ukrainian command noted that NATO reconnaissance …

  • DRP head orders an attack on Ukrainian positions along demarcation line in Donbas

    The head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Denis Pushilin, ordered the DRP forces to strike the positions of the Ukrainian military near the village of Shumy in the Donetsk region.

    "I officially declare that in accordance with paragraph "e" of additional measures [on ceasefire] I have decided to issue an order to open fire on illegally erected engineering facilities in the area of Shumy settlement (600 meters northeast of the town of Shumy - an area of newly equipped …

  • For the first time U.S. Air Force B-52 strategic bombers fly over Ukraine

    Two B-52 strategic bombers of the U.S. Air Force have carried out a flight over Ukraine for the first time, reported the news outlet “Ukrainian militaristic portal”.

    According to air traffic monitoring services, the planes with tail numbers JULIA51 / 61-0034 and JULIA53 / 60-0044 entered the territory of Ukraine from Poland.

    The U.S. for the first time since 1991 transferred B-52 bombers to 24-hour duty, after they had been deployed to Europe.

    Last year,  two U.S. bombers flew near the …

  • EU decides not to impose sanctions against Lukashenko

    The European Union will not impose personal sanctions on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, reported the German newspaper Welt.

    Earlier, Reuters, citing an informed Canadian source, reported that the U.S., the EU and Canada are discussing the imposition of sanctions against Minsk because of the disputed results of the presidential elections and the actions of the security forces in suppressing the protesters.

    According to the German newspaper, Germany, France and Italy opposed …

  • Russia to hold military exercises in Belarus

    The Russian military will travel to Belarus in the coming weeks for international exercises "Slavic Brotherhood 2020”.

    On Wednesday, the preparation for the maneuvers was discussed over the phone by the Chiefs of General Staff Valery Gerasimov and Alexander Volfovich, Interfax reports, citing the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry.

    In addition to the Russian and Belarusian military, Serbian military will take part in the maneuvers. The exercises will take place at the end of …

  • Putin refuses to explain to Merkel situation with Navalny’s poisoning

    Vladimir Putin does not plan to issue any statements in connection with the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, who, according to German experts, was poisoned with a Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok.

    The Kremlin "sees no reason" for comments from the head of state, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday.

    The day before , German Chancellor Angela Merkel demanded an explanation of what happened, calling the poisoning of Navalny an "attempt to silence him".

    At the moment, there have been …

  • Lithuanian government approves assistance plan for Belarusian opposition

    The Lithuanian Cabinet approved at its meeting on Wednesday a plan to help the Belarusian opposition, said Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis.

    "Today we have approved a plan to help the people of Belarus, who for several weeks have been expressing disagreement with the unfair results of the elections and are subjected to gross violence for this," he said. According to the prime minister, the approved plan is a sign of solidarity with the protesters. This is the first, but not the …

  • Germany: Russian opposition leader Navalny poisoned with Novichok substance

    The laboratory of the German Armed Forces found traces of poison from the Novichok toxin group in the body of Alexei Navalny. "At the request of the Charite University Hospital in Berlin, a special laboratory of the Bundeswehr conducted a toxicological study of Alexey Navalny's samples. An undoubted indication of the chemical nerve agent of the Novichok group has been established," reads the official statement issued on Wednesday by the German government.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the …

  • Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer Antonov produces first plane without Russian parts

    The Ukrainian state-owned aircraft manufacturer Antonov produced the first transport aircraft An-178 without Russian components, said Antonov’s President Alexander Moose in an interview with Ukrinform.

    "This is the first plane without a single Russian part. We have been accused of not producing  planes for several years. But with the beginning of the Russian military aggression in 2014, we lost not only the export market, but also the supply market for important components. It took some time …