Peskov calls report made by U.S. intelligence on Russia’s cyber-attacks ‘unprofessional’

Press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov stated that the part of the published report of U.S. Intelligence about Russia’s involvement in cyber-attacks is unprofessional and does not stand up to scrutiny. TASS reports that he made the statement in an interview with NBC TV.

"The published report is just a strange thing and nothing more. It was made unprofessionally; it does not contain any evidence but has some silly statements and unsubstantiated conclusions. In …

Media: Russia will retain two military facilities in Syria

Russia plans to retain two military facilities in Syria after it reduces the number of troops stationed in the country, Interfax reported.

"Russia will retain two military objects in the country, the Russian air group at the Hmeymim airport and the greatly expanded and modernized naval facility in the city of Tartus," Interfax's source stated.

According to news agency’s source, the Russian air group at the Hmeymim air base will continue to be covered by the powerful S-400 air defense and anti- …

The head of the CIA warned Trump to be careful with Russia

The CIA Director, John Brennan, advised the President-elect, Donald Trump, to fully realize the danger that Russia poses for Washington as soon as possible.

"Spontaneity is not something that protects national security interests, therefore when he [Trump] speaks or reacts, just make sure he understands that the implications and the impact on the United States could be profound," Brennan said during an interview with Fox News.

The CIA chief warned that ill-conceived "conversations and tweets" …

The Kremlin said that hackers attacked Putin's website

The website of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is exposed to hundreds and sometimes thousands of hacker attacks each day, but Moscow is in no hurry to throw accusations around, the official Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, stated in an interview with NBC.

“Some of those attacks on the website are from locations in the United States, in China, India, European countries and so on,” Putin's press secretary said.

At the same time, according to Peskov, Russia is in no hurry to accuse the …

Lithuania to build a fence along the border with Russia

Lithuania decided to build a fence on the border with the Kaliningrad region in 2017. Until recently, only special signs and a 13-meter control zone indicated the border between Russia and Lithuania, Delfi reported, referring to Lietuvos žinios as a source.

The fence with total value of 3.6 million Euros would be constructed on the 135-kilometer area from Vištytis to Neman. Modern surveillance will be installed near the fence. The funds for this system are planned to be found in 2017.

The …