• US carrier strike group enters Mediterranean

    A US Navy carrier strike group, headed by Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman, has begun an operation in the Mediterranean Sea, the US Navy’s press service reported.

    The operation is being held “to continue supporting NATO allies, European and African partner states, coalition partners and national security interests of the US and Europe in Africa”.

    According to US Sixth Fleet Commander Lisa Franchetti, the group will practice “the full scope of naval operations” during its stay in …

  • Israel blames Syria for the destruction of Russian Il-20

    The press service for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed that Israeli aircraft attacked a military facility in the area of Syrian Latakia on the night of September 18th. According to the IDF, from this facility objects were to be transported to Lebanon for Iran and Hezbollah productions of weapons.

    According to the preliminary results of the IDF investigation, the downing of Il-20 was a result of Syrian air defense inaccurate attacks. At the time the missiles that downed the Il-20 were …

  • Ukraine extradites a native of Ingushetia at Russia's request

    At the request of Russia’s FSB (Federal Security Service), the Prosecutor General Office of Ukraine made a decision to extradite to Russia Timur Tumgoev, a native of Ingushetia, accused by Russian authorities of participating in military operations in Syria on the side of the Islamic State terrorist.

    The fact that the decree on extradition was signed by Yevhen Yenin, the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, was reported by the publication Kavkaz. Realii. In a conversation with the Ukrainian …

  • Russian state banks appeal shares arrest in Ukraine

    Banks with Russian state capital filed cassation appeals against the decision of the Kyiv Court of Appeals to seize their shares. As FinClub news outlet writes, the corresponding appeals were received by the Supreme Court of Cassation on September 14.

    Russian VTB Bank, Prominvestbank and Sberbank still operate in Ukraine. It was reported that the Ukrainian Court of Appeal decided to seize the shares of their subsidiaries under the dispute initiated by the Ukrainain banks. In response, Sberbank …

  • Kremlin: Russia considers Ukraine's decision not to renew the Friendship Treaty a ‘destructive step’

    In a statement issued in response to Ukraine's withdrawal from the Friendship and Cooperation Treaty with Russia, the Kremlin accused Ukraine of striving to "serve foreign geopolitical interests and their political ambitions."

    "The destructive steps taken by Ukraine’s current leadership cause deep regret," the statement reads.

    The document also notes that "historically people of Russia and Ukraine are destined to live in as good neighbors", and "the current crisis" between the countries "will …

  • Klimkin: Russian diplomats in Ukraine are working for Kremlin intelligence services

    Speaking at the 7th Euro-Atlantic Forum in Kyiv, Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin said that he is sure that almost all Russian diplomats in Ukraine are working for Russian intelligence services.

     “Regarding the [Russian] consuls. We reduced their number here in Ukraine. We kicked out everyone who worked for the service. In fact, almost all of them work for intelligence services. Our diplomatic relations are only in the virtual space, here we have Russian intelligence …

  • Russia conducts snap readiness inspection of its Caspian Flotilla

    Snap readiness inspection has started in the Caspian flotilla of the Russian Southern Military district as part of the combat readiness drills ordered by Russian Ground Forces Colonel General Aleksandr Dvornikov, the press secretary of the Southern military district, Vadim Astafiev told journalists.

    100% of the Caspian Flotilla personnel have taken part in the combat readiness inspection. Ship crews and marines carried out drills, preparing to go out to sea to test the ships and service boats. …

  • US strategic drone conducts reconnaissance flight over Donbas

    An American RQ-4A Global Hawk strategic drone conducted reconnaissance flight along the demarcation line in the Donbas, Interfax Ukraine reports with the reference to the data published by aviation sources.  

    After taking off at the Naval Air Station Sigonella in Italy, the American drone spent 10 hours flying along the demarcation line between Ukraine and the self-declared Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR), remaining in Ukraine-controlled airspace.

    On several occasions …

  • Kyiv and London discuss military cooperation

    On Monday, September 17th, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko met with the Secretary of State for Defense of Great Britain Gavin Williamson. The two sides positively noted the continuous Ukrainian-British dialogue on security and defense, reports the presidential press service.

    In part, the President praised the contribution of Great Britain in strengthening defense potential and training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and expressed hope that this cooperation would continue.

    Also, according …

  • Putin calls downing of Russian reconnaissance plane off Syrian coast a 'chain of tragic circumstances'

    At the press conference with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban , Russian President Vladimir Putin called the downing of the IL-20 aircraft of the Russian Air Force in Syria "a chain of tragic circumstances"  

    Putin asked not to compare the incident with the destruction Russian Su-24 fighter in 2015 by the Turkish military.

    "When people die, especially in such tragic circumstances, it is always a disaster, a disaster for us all, for the country and for our close comrades who are dead. In …