• Unidentified warplanes attack positions of pro-Iranian forces in Syria

    The aircraft of an unidentified country attacked the positions of armed groups of Shiite pro-Iranian militia on the border of Iraq and Syria near  the Syrian settlement of Al-Bohmal, reports Sky News Arabia citing its sources.

    Unmanned aerial vehicles reportedly had been used in the attack. The airstrike killed five militiamen and wounded nine others. The TV channel's interlocutor added that pro-Iranian forces began to take precautions. They place air defense systems near their positions and …

  • Media: 8 spies gained access to Russian top-secret military plant

    Eight unknown persons received access to the top-secret Russian defense plant belonging to the Tactical Missiles Corporation, one of Russia’s major weapons manufacturers. The persons could also have gained gain access to highly classified data.

    "Unknown people had access to the secret plant of the Tactical Missiles Corporation in the city of Korolyov for more than a year. The local security service found out that someone had hired eight janitors, but, they did not exist. The system recorded …

  • Russian General: Russian Aerospace Forces are not ready for large-scale combat

    Former Russian Air Force commander, General Pyotr Deynekin, harshly criticized the readiness of Russian Aerospace Force, noting that combat aircraft is not prepared for a large-scale military conflict, even though Russian Air Force is one of the most powerful in the world.

    "Russian Aerospace Forces do not have enough manpower and equipment to conduct large-scale military operations. There isn’t enough combat personnel ", said Deynekin as cited by news outlet the Military Review.

    Earlier, …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister: President Zelensky wants to achieve real progress in Donbas in six months

    In an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt, when asked what to expect from the upcoming Normandy Format summit and if there are new ideas on how to put an end to the war, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Prystaiko said: “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wants to achieve real progress over the next six months.”

    However, he emphasized that a resolution cannot be achieved by handing over Ukrainian territories.

    The Foreign Minister said that the West must continue to put pressure on …

  • Head of Russian Space Agency: cause of hole in Soyuz spacecraft to be kept secret

    Dmitry Rogozin, director of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, said that the agency has figured out how a hole appeared in the lining of its Soyuz-MS-09 spacecraft, but that this information will not be publicized.

    “We have taken all the samples. What happened is clear to all of us, but we won’t tell you anything,” Rogozin said at the Youth Orbit conference in Russia.

    “We need to have some secrets,” RIA Novosti cites the director as saying.

    Rogozin also added that the compartment where the …

  • Poland to create partisan army for protection against Russia

    Poland intends to use a partisan army in the event of a war with Russia. By 2024, the paramilitary structure will include an estimated 53,000 volunteers and will reinforce defense and the potential of the Polish army, said Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, as cited by the Bild newspaper.

    The article’s author, Dirk Müller Thederan, writes that if “the Russians really come”, Warsaw will resist them using all available means: fighters, missiles, helicopters and new transport aircraft. …

  • Russia cuts investments in US government securities

    In July, Russia reduced investments in US government securities to $8.5 billion, reports the US Department of the Treasury. $6.239 billion is accounted for long-term bonds and the remaining $2.262 billion for short-term treasury bills.

    Russia has been reducing its investments in US government securities for the fifth month in a row. The last time their volume increased in February. By the end of June, Russia's investments in US government securities amounted to $10.848 billion. In July, it …

  • Iran to switch to Russian SWIFT alternative

    Iran’s banking ties to other countries, including Russia, are growing, despite being disconnected from the SWIFT payment system, said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday, reports TASS.

    “Fortunately, today Iran’s banking relations with several other countries are growing without the use of the SWIFT system,” the official presidential website cites Rouhani as saying. “There was a time when people in the West thought that banking relations were only SWIFT. But it’s not like that.”

    The …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister: DPR and LPR to receive special status only after democratic elections

    Ukraine has agreed to the Steinmeier Formula, which envisages a special status for the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces after democratic elections have been held there, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko at a joint session of the Verkhovna Rada’s foreign policy and Euro-integration committees.

    He said that the Steinmeier Formula was agreed on at a meeting between the Normandy Format advisors on September 2.

    “The Normandy Format advisors agreed to a specific text, which stipulates …

  • Media: Russian S-300 and S-400 air defense systems unable to detect Israeli warplanes flying over Syria

    Russian S-300 and S-400 missile systems, which are considered one of the most advanced air defense weapons in the world, failed to detect Israeli warplanes flying over Damascus.

    The Israeli news outlet NZIV, citing a number of military sources, published the flight route of the Israeli warplanes, which struck eastern Syria. As it turned out, the Israeli Air Force planes , which, according to some reports, were F-35s, not only entered the Syrian airspace, but also flew for almost several …