• Due to Navalny’s arrest EU wants to stop construction of Nord Stream-2

    The European Union wants to immediately stop the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline due to the detention in Russia of opposition activist Alexei Navalny, reported the German newspaper Der Spiegel.

    It is noted that journalists already have a draft resolution of the European Parliament. The resolution also proposes to impose additional sanctions on Russia.

    According to media reports, the European Union will impose new sanctions against legal entities and individuals who were …

  • Russian consulate in New York left without any telephone connection

    The Russian consulate in New York has no telephone connection.

    Since January 18, the U.S. side has disconnected all city telephone lines in the diplomatic mission building, RIA Novosti reports citing Russian diplomats. The Americans explain the issue by technical problems, but the consulate finds it hard to believe it.

    "Allegedly, they cannot solve the issue for 2 days," one of the diplomats told RIA Novosti. He added that the outage was "unprecedented."

    "The Russian diaspora has huge …

  • American astronauts give food to Russian cosmonauts after they ran out of supplies

    Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station (ISS) have run out of food and their American colleagues came to their rescue, reported the Russian publication Moskovsky Komsomolets with reference to NASA.

    The problem happened after the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos decided to postpone the launch of the Progress cargo ship, which was supposed to deliver provisions to the station. If the date is not moved again, the ship will fly to the station only in a month, on February 15.

    American …

  • Navalny reveals details of Putin's secret palace: Striptease, casino and ice-skating complex

    The Anti-Corruption Foundation headed by Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny has published new details about Vladimir Putin's palace at Cape Idokopas near Gelendzhik. The entrepreneur Sergey Kolesnikov was the first to reveal the details about this residence in 2010, and after the scandal broke, in 2011, the palace was officially taken over by businessman Alexander Ponomarenko. The publication Vedomosti wrote that Ponomarenko, in fact, bought the palace with Transneft's money. The Anti- …

  • Kremlin refuses to release Navalny

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is not afraid of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and has no plans to release him because of the West's position, said Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

    Although the detention of Navalny at passport control in Sheremetyevo aiporty was condemned by the EU and the United States, and the foreign ministers of France, Germany and the U.S. State Department demanded the immediate release of the politician, Moscow does not intend to listen to these demands, Peskov said. …

  • U.S. to sanction Nord Stream 2 pipe laying vessel

    The U.S. continues to increase pressure on the Nord Stream 2 project, which has already been left without key European participants fearing U.S. sanctions.

    Following the expansion of restrictions on insurance, engineering and certification companies, the U.S. authorities are preparing a new sanctions package that will hit the only pipelaying vessel available to Gazprom - the Fortuna barge, Handelsblatt reports, citing its sources.

    According to Handelsblatt, sanctions will be imposed on …

  • Social network Parler relaunches with help of Russian web hosting provider

    All the problems that the social network Parler has experienced after the riot at the Capitol Building will be solved, said its founder John Matze, adding that Parler would "solve any challenge" and "welcomes users again."

    So far, only Matze‘s message appears on the page of the social network. Its apps are not available in the App Store and Google Play.

    According to open data, Parler's website is now hosted on the servers of the Russian company ddos-guard.net. DDOS-GUARD is based in Rostov-on- …

  • Belarus stripped of ice hockey world championship

    Minsk has been stripped of the right to host the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championships, said the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

    The Federation's statement notes that this decision was made for security reasons.

    The 2021 World Cup was to be held in Minsk and Riga from May 21 to June 6, 2021. However, due to the political situation in Belarus, a number of European countries have spoken out against holding competitions in the country.

    Earlier, Czech automobile manufacturer Skoda …

  • Russia deploys 300 troops to Syrian Hasakah province

    Russia has sent additional military units to Syrian Hasakah province, Major Dmitry Suntsov, a chief of the joint Russian-Syrian monitoring center, said on Monday, January 18. According to him, about 300 soldiers will be deployed there. Their main task is to "contribute to the de-escalation of the conflict in the region," Suntsov said. They will make sure that the ceasefire is respected, he explained.

    The Syrian province of Hasakah borders Turkey. The Russian military is stationed there as part …

  • Ukraine to build a bridge to Moldova at its own expense

    Ukraine plans to build a bridge over the Dniester in Yampil at its own expense, said the deputy head of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration Ihor Zhovkva in an interview with TSN.ua.

    "One of the projects that we will start immediately will be the construction of a bridge over the River Dniester in the Yampil-Cosauti area and the corresponding highway that will connect Kyiv and Chisinau. And not just connect, but it will allow almost 5 hours to get by car from Kyiv to Chisinau via the new …