Lithuanian President: Construction of nuclear plant near Lithuanian border is the Russian geopolitical project against Lithuania

The Belarusian NPP (BAES) which is being constructed near the Lithuanian border is a geopolitical project of Russia directed against Lithuania, said Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, as reported by Delfi media source.

“I consider this project, BAES, a Russian geopolitical project, malevolently directed against Lithuania. This is an opportunity to blackmail and put pressure on Lithuania, to impede its integration with the West,” Grybauskaite stated.

According to her, Lithuania needs to …

Ukraine will work with western partners to tighten sanctions against Russia for recognizing 'documents' of the separatist republics

Ukrainian leadership intends to hold negotiations with western partners regarding a possible tightening of sanctions against Russia in connection with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s issuing of a decree to recognise the “documents” of the separatist republics, reported Oleksiy Makeyev, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

“The President clearly specified that such destructive acts of the Kremlin must be brought to discussion in the EU, with our main partners, not to ease the …

Media: Russia asked the world powers to pay for the restoration of Syria

The Financial Times reported that, according to foreign diplomats, Russia asked Western countries to provide billions of dollars for the restoration of Syria. "They [Russia] came, created a mess, destroyed everything, and now they want us to pay for all of this," a European diplomat told the publication.

According to the newspaper’s sources, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said at a meeting of EU ambassadors last week that the restoration of Syria will be the main issue on the …

Russian Foreign Ministry launches project to expose 'fake news' about Russia

Russian authorities have launched a project aimed at refuting media reports they believe to be false.

A new page on the Russian foreign ministry's website has appeared named “Examples of publications circulating false information about Russia.”

Currently the Russian foreign ministry has listed five media sources, among them are NBC News, the Telegraph, the New York times, and Bloomberg. In addition, the much lesser known site the Santa Monica Observer was also listed.

The revelations made by …

Former U.S. Ambassador John Herbst: Extradition of Firtash would be good for Ukraine

The extradition of billionaire Dmytro Firtash to the United States of America, if it really happens, would be a good sign for Ukraine, as stated by the former United States Ambassador to Ukraine, John Herbst, in his interview with the Voice of America. He recalled the negative role played by Dmytro Firtash in Ukrainian-Russian relations.

"Firtash was a businessman and was associated with the corrupt deals between the Kremlin and the leaders in Ukraine – the corrupt gas deals,” John Herbst …