• Zelensky: Kyiv to build new airport in Donbas

    Ukrainian government plans to build a new airport in the Donbas for passenger flights, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the forum "Ukraine 30. Infrastructure."

    According to him, the airport’s design will be completed this year. At the moment, experts are looking for a location for the new airport.

    Zelensky noted that the "new serious airport" will be located between the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. "We could open and restore Mariupol airport. But today the military says that it …

  • EU prepares to impose sanctions on Russia over Navalny’s prosecution

    The European Council may impose new sanctions against the Russian authorities in connection with the persecution of Alexei Navalny, said the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn.

    According to him, the new measures should be legally indisputable and directed against officials from Russian law enforcement agencies.

    Asselborn noted that during his tenure, the crisis in relations between Russia and the EU has never been so deep. The Minister believes that Alexei …

  • Pro-Russian militants suffer heavy losses during fire exchange with Ukrainian troops in Donbas

    On February 20, pro-Russian militants in the Donbas suffered heavy losses after their positions were shelled by the Ukrainian military, reports Ukrainian news outlet Censor.NET with reference to pro-Russian Telegram channels.

    One channel, Sladkov+, wrote that after Ukraine slammed sanctions on Putin’s friend, Viktor Medvedchuk, the situation in the Donbas escalated. According to the channel, the losses of pro-Russian militants are more significant than officially reported.

    This information …

  • Washington confirms continued support for Ukrainian Armed Forces

    U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed continued support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces as part of Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), reported the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

    It is noted that, on February 19, Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran held a telephone conversation with the U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

    During the conversation, the parties confirmed the strategic nature of the bilateral relations between Ukraine and the United States …

  • Kyiv: 400,000 Ukrainians affected by war in Donbas

    Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov said at a briefing for UN member states that almost 14,000 Ukrainians have been killed in the war in the Donbas.

    "The war, to some extent, directly affected about 10 million Ukrainians, residents of these regions, as well as citizens of Ukraine, who have gone through conscription in the army, members of their families, etc.," he said.

    “To date, 400,000 of our citizens have been affected by …

  • Ukraine imposes sanctions against Putin's friend Medvedchuk and his wife

    The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) has imposed sanctions against the Ukrainian politician, MP, leader of the political party “Opposition Platform for Life”, Viktor Medvedchuk.

    Medvedchuk is an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who he refers to as "a personal friend"

    Medvedchuk's wife Oksana Marchenko was also put on sanctions list. The list includes another Ukrainian citizen, five Russians and 19 companies. Secretary of the National Security Council Oleksiy …

  • Russia to scrap world's largest nuclear cruiser

    The nuclear battlecruiser Admiral Lazarev will be sent for disposal, reports Interfax, citing materials of the Russian government’s procurement website.

    The Admiral Lazarev battlecruiser, one of the four Kirov-class cruisers (Soviet designation Project 1144 Orlan), was launched when Brezhnev was in power. This is one of the heaviest and largest ships in the world.

    The decision to dispose of the ship was made after assessing its technical condition, an industry source told Interfax.

    "Its …

  • Russia expels Estonian diplomat in tit-for-tat

    Estonian authorities expelled a Russian diplomat from the country, announced at a briefing the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

    "The newly sworn-in Government of Estonia may have decided to show loyalty to Washington and Brussels in this way. The Russian Embassy diplomat in Tallinn was announced persona non grata without any justification. He was responsible for culture, education, that is, just those areas where cooperation still remains," she said.

    "The Russian …

  • U.S. and UK impose sanctions on Lukashenko’s associates

    The U.S. imposed sanctions on 43 citizens of Belarus in response to the sentencing of two journalists of Belsat TV channel, as well as crackdown on peaceful protesters, pro-democracy activists, and journalists.

    The names of those sanctioned have not been published, but it is specified that they are "high-ranking justice sector officials; law enforcement leaders and rank-and-file personnel who detained and abused peaceful demonstrators; judges and prosecutors involved in sentencing peaceful …

  • Russia demands Israel stop strikes on Syria

    Israel could provoke a new round of tensions in the Middle East, said the Special Representative of the Russian President for Syria, Alexander Lavrentyev, commenting on Israel’s strikes on targets in Syria.

    "These strikes must stop, they are counterproductive. We hope that the Israeli side will understand our concerns, including concerns about the possibility of escalation of violence in Syria," Lavrentyev said, as quoted by the Russian news agency Interfax.

    "Sooner or later, the cup of …