• International arbitration rules to recover $50 million from Russia for the expropriation of Ukrnafta assets in Crimea

    The UN arbitration court ordered Russia to pay US 44.4 million dollars to the Ukrainian oil company Ukrnafta for the expropriation of property in Crimea, reported Ukrnafta’s press service in a statement published on the company’s website.

    The focus of the dispute was administrative offices and 16 gas stations that were seized by Russia after the annexation off the Crimea.

    On June 3, 2015, PJSC Ukrnafta referred the dispute to an ad hoc arbitration tribunal using the Arbitration Rules of the …

  • Poroshenko: Normandy Format session possible in June

    A Normandy Format meeting may take place in June on the date commemorating the anti-Hitler coalition’s landing in Normandy, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told the TV channel 112 Ukraine.

    “French President Emmanuel Macron… and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will contact Putin in May already, coordinate with the US and directly with US President Donald Trump, and, I consider it possible… that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be invited to the commemoration of the opening of the …

  • Germany's direct investments in Russia exceed 3 billion euros

    The German-Russian Chamber of Commerce is confident that companies that have knowledge of the Russian market are not afraid of "sanctions and political problems.

    On Monday, April 15, the press service of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce, citing data from the German Federal Bank, announced that Germany’s direct investments in the Russian economy in 2018 amounted to 3.2 billion euros.

    They estimate that this is a record amount of investment since the financial crisis in 2008. Large-scale …

  • EU to spend €215 million to remove Poland's dependency on Russian gas

    The EU government has decided to allocate €215 million to the construction of the Baltic Pipe, a pipeline that will transport gas from Norwegian deposits through Denmark to Poland.

    The Polish gas operator Gaz-System will receive the funds for construction of the pipeline. The company announced on Monday that it had signed the relevant agreement with the EU’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA).

    The financing will be used to build the underwater section of the pipe that will …

  • Turkmenistan resumes gas exports to Russia

    On Monday, April 15, Turkmenistan resumed natural gas exports to the Russian Federation, reported the publication ORIENT, citing a source in Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Oil and Gas.

    It is noted that deliveries resumed after a pause in commerce outlined in a 25-year contract signed in 2003 “was taken by Gazprom in early 2016.”

    In March 2016, the Russian gas monopoly terminated the contract with Türkmengaz. Gazprom cited a “serious breach of contract” by Turkmenistan and also requested a …

  • Russia to make it easier for Donbas residents to obtain Russian citizenship

    The Russian government intends to make it easier for inhabitants of the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) to obtain Russian citizenship, Kommersant reports, citing sources in the Russian government.

    According to the sources, everything has been worked out, and all that remains is for Russian President Vladimir Putin to sign the relevant decree. This could be done immediately after the presidential elections in Ukraine.

    “What other options are there? The people …

  • Russia begins laying railway tracks on Crimean Bridge

    The Russian authorities in Crimea have begun laying railway tracks on the bridge that spans the Kerch Strait, the Russian media reports.

    Construction of the railway line on the bridge from from Crimea to Russia began in summer 2018, starting at Krasnodar Krai on the Russian side. Now the builders are moving towards each other from opposite ends. A track layer entered the bridge from the already constructed section of the railway approach, which is being built at the same time as the bridge. …

  • Putin sends 35 Russian soldiers to UN mission in Central African Republic and Cyprus

    President Vladimir Putin signed the decree to send a group of 30 Russian soldiers to Central Africa. They will serve as part of the UN mission. The decree is published on the official internet-portal of legal information

    “The Russian Ministry of Defense is to send to the UN mission up to 30 servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces as liaison officers, military observers and staff officers”, the order says. The funding for the stay of the Russian military in the Central African Republic will be …

  • Russia announces end of civil and military cooperation with NATO

    Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Grushko told the Russian media that Kremlin is suspending cooperation with NATO along military and civil lines.

    The Deputy Minister, who had previously worked as the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the Alliance said, “NATO itself has refused to adopt a positive agenda for its relationship with Russia. It just does not exist. And so far, there is no sign that anyone in NATO knows how to get out from this dead-end.”  

    “NATO has …

  • European Union adopts amendments to EU Gas Directive to control Nord Stream 2

    The European Union finalized a draft amendment to the European Union Gas Directive, which controls the use of gas pipelines in the territory of the alliance. The European Union plans to introduce all the technical procedures by the end of 2019. The head of the Directorate-General for Energy within the European Commission, Dominique Ristori, has previously stressed that the EU intends to bring the amendments into effect before the start of operation of the Russian Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline so …