• Germany considers imposing sanctions against Nord Stream 2 in response to Navalny's poisoning

    German authorities are considering the suspension of the construction of Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline in response to the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The final decision depends on Russia's actions, said the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on air of the TV channel ZDF.

    "We will put all options on the agenda and make a decision at the right time," Maas said.

    According to Maas, if Russia takes part in the investigation of the incident, Germany can refrain from such …

  • Russia wants to send investigators to Germany to look into Navalny’s poisoning case

    Russia, which previously said it had "no reason to investigate" Navalny’s poisoning will ask Berlin to allow its specialists to be present during Navalny's questioning.

    The Transport Directorate of the Russian Interior Ministry will send a request to Germany about the possibility to participate in the investigation into the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the press service of the Russian Interior Ministry said.

    "Investigation unit is  preparing an additional request for …

  • Italian Prime Minister: Putin promised to investigate Navalny’s poisoning

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has told Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte that he will establish a commission to investigate the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

    "President Putin assured me in a recent conversation that Russia intends to clarify what happened and told me that he will create an investigative commission and is ready to cooperate with the German authorities," said Giuseppe Conte said in an interview with the newspaper Il Foglio.

    He added that …

  • Kremlin: at the moment Putin will not vaccinate against COVID-19

    Russian President Vladimir Putin will decide whether to vaccinate against coronavirus if he sees fit, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said at a briefing on Wednesday.

    According to RIA Novosti, Peskov was asked whether Putin would be vaccinated in order to attend international events.

    "As for the president's vaccination, when and if he deems it necessary, he will report it himself," Peskov replied.

    The day before it became known that Putin refused to go to the UN General Assembly in New York …

  • Poland calls on Germany to stop construction of Nord Stream 2

    On Wednesday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on Germany to halt the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, as Warsaw sees it as a threat to the stability of the region.

    The Nord Stream 2 underwater pipeline, which is expected to deliver gas from Russia to Germany, has been 90 percent completed. It is scheduled to be commissioned next year, but German politicians have said they may withdraw support for the project after the alleged poisoning of the leading Kremlin …

  • Lukashenko promises constitutional reform and early elections

    President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is preparing to repeat the Russian scenario with the Constitution reform, which will be followed by early elections.

    "Yes, maybe I overstayed a little bit," Lukashenko said in an interview with Russian journalists, excerpts of which are quoted by Roman Babayan, editor-in-chief of the Radio “Govorit Moskva”.

    According to Lukashenko, he does not intend to leave his post "just like that."

    "I have been building Belarus for a quarter of a century. I'm …

  • Merkel decides to no longer defend Nord Stream 2

    The poisoning of Alexei Navalny, who, according to Germany, was poisoned by a Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok, seems to put an end to the North Stream-2 gas pipeline, which cost 10 billion euros and was stopped by U.S. sanctions.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who for years defended the pipeline from attacks by the United States and Eastern European countries, abandoned her unequivocal position.

    Berlin will not decide on its own the fate of the project, which was half paid for by European …

  • Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs and also top officials are among Cyprus ‘golden passport’ holders

    Top managers of Russian companies and state banks, as well as entrepreneurs from the "high-risk" group who were under investigation or whose business was subject to sanctions or administrative fines, received together with their family members citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus in exchange for investments in 2008-2012, reported the newspaper Politis, which named 34 owners of Cypriot "golden passports" issued during the period when the president of the island state was the former leader of …

  • Belarus has only 3 month of foreign currency reserves left, Lukashenko is hanging by a thread

    Belarus continues to head for the currency crisis at full speed as the population continues to buy dollars and euros and rapid reduction of the national bank's reserves, the volume of which is below the minimum allowable standard of the IMF.

    In August, the Belarusian Central Bank spent $1.047 billion selling currency on the Belarusian Monetary and Stock Exchange, and another $351.7 million to repay the country’s liabilities, according to data on the National Bank’s website.

    As a result, the …

  • Kyiv: relations with Belarus will never again be normal

    Belarus has an unfriendly policy towards Ukraine, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba on air of the TV channel Pryamoi.

    "This is an unfriendly policy, and we should not tolerate it," the minister said, commenting on Minsk's decision to hand over to Moscow the detained Wagner PMC fighters in July and the recent statements of the country's President Alexander Lukashenko.

    "Obviously, relations with Belarus can no longer be as they were before," he added. According to Kuleba, human …