• Russia accuses Israel of nearly shooting down passenger plane during air attack on Syria

    The Russian Defense Ministry accused its Israeli counterparts of creating a dangerous situation in which a passenger plane came under fire when it was about to land at Damascus airport.

    “This was an airplane on the route from Tehran to Damascus. There were 172 passengers on board at the time of the attack, “ Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said.

    According to the general, on the night of Thursday, February 6, four Israeli F-16 fighter jets unexpectedly struck the suburbs of …

  • Ukrainian rocket manufacturer purchases aluminum from Russia

    In a recent press release, the Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant (Yuzhmash) has confirmed the media reports that the company has bought aluminum from a supplier in Russia.

    Yuzhmash also said that the journalists’ speculation about the purpose of the purchase was correct, namely that the aluminum in question will be used to make the basic structure of the first stage of an Antares launch vehicle.

    “We report furthermore that the number of Yuzhmash’s suppliers is in the hundreds. They represent …

  • Kremlin reports ‘tragic death of Russian soldiers’ in Syria

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has released a statement reporting the “tragic death of Russian and Turkish soldiers” in Syria’s Idlib province.

    “Between December 2019 and January 2020, terrorists from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham who had captured the de-escalation zone initiated their aggressive forays into and attacks against the positions of the Syrian government forces in the neighboring cities, especially Aleppo. In December 2019, we documented more than 1,400 militant attacks using tanks, machine …

  • Number of Belarusian supporters of union with Russia down by a third

    The number of Belarusian citizens who support the idea of a union state with Russia has declined by 20 percentage points in the last year, Kommersant reports, citing the results of a sociological study by Andrey Vardomatsky’s Belarusian Analytical Workshop.

    While at the start of 2019, more than 60% of Belarusians advocated a union with Russia, by December this figure had dropped to nearly 40%.

    At the same time, sociologists have been observing a growth in the number of supporters of Belarus …

  • Turkey losing interest in Russian gas

    While Gazprom was completing the $7 billion Turkish Stream gas pipeline, Turkey was cutting back on its purchases of Russian gas.

    By the end of 2019, 14.4-14.8 billion cubic meters (bcm) of Russian gas had been transported to the Turkish market, Interfax calculates, based on statistics from the Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK).

    In comparison with 2018, this equates to a decline of approximately 40%. As a result, for the first time in 13 years Turkey is no longer one of the …

  • Russia concerned by deployment of new nuclear warheads on US submarines

    Russia is “greatly alarmed” by the deployment of low-yield nuclear weapons on US submarines, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, as cited by RBC news agency.

    According to Ryabkov, the reason Moscow is concerned is not because it sees this as a threat to its security. Its fears are due to the “doctrine and concepts used by the Americans in the nuclear arena”.

    “The security [of Russia] is reliably ensured as a result of the efforts that have been made both in terms of weaponry …

  • Japan to take part in Sea Breeze naval exercise in Ukraine for the first time

    For the first time, the Japan Self-Defense Forces will be taking part in the Sea Breeze 2020 naval exercise, which will be held in Ukraine this year, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced on its website.

    On Wednesday February 5, Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Zahorodniuk met with Jiro Hiroe, director of one of the departments of the Japanese ground forces command.

    During the meeting, the parties agreed that Japanese troops would participate in the Sea Breeze exercise this year. The …

  • US preparing new sanctions against Russian oil giant Rosneft

    The US could soon impose additional sanctions on the Russian energy company Rosneft due to its continued support of the Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela. According to the TASS news agency, this was mentioned at a press conference on Wednesday by a high-ranking member of the Donald Trump administration.

    According to him, the administration is considering the possibility of including new sanctions against Russia’s largest oil company in its package of “paralyzing” measures against the …

  • Kyiv: Iran has broken off contact on downed airliner investigation

    During a session of the parliamentary committee on law enforcement activity, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Ruslan Riaboshapka said that he has reached out to the Iranian prosecutor general three times, but has not received a reply.

    According to Riaboshapka, the requests were for international legal assistance. Ukraine has requested the evidence used by the Iranian investigation as the basis for the arrests that have been made in connection with the crime.

    “Unfortunately, there is not yet any …

  • Macron: Russia trying to revise WWII history

    Russia is trying to reinterpret the developments of World War II and place the blame for it on the Polish nation, said French President Emmanuel Macron while speaking to Polish students in Warsaw, Le Monde reports.

    The French leader said that he wants to “affirm France’s solidarity with the Polish nation in the face of an entity which denies reality” and seeks to falsify history.

    The dispute between Russia and Poland regarding the role of both countries in WWII broke out after Russian …