• U.S. approves sale of Mark VI patrol boats to Ukraine

    The U.S. has approved the sale to Ukraine of up to 16 Mark VI patrol boats, reported Ukrainian Foreign Minister  Dmytro Kuleba .

    "The U.S. has approved the sale to Ukraine of up to 16 Mark VI patrol boats and accompanying equipment. This will increase the capabilities of the Navy of the Armed Forces, help to counter existing and potential threats in the Black and Azov Seas," the statement reads.

    Kuleba thanked the American partners for their support of Ukraine and said that this important …

  • U.S. troops block Russian military convoy from travelling on road in northeastern Syria

    Tensions continue between the U.S. and Russian forces in Syria. The U.S. military once again blocked the Russian convoy which led to a tense conversation between American and Russian commanders.

    Footage of the incident, which was filmed by the Russian military, was published by Telegram channel "Ukrainian Dialogue."

    Another "race" of the U.S. military and Russia happened the other day in the province of Al-Hasakah. The Americans once again blocked the column of the Russian military police. …

  • Russia threatens to deploy nuclear missiles near EU borders

    Russia will deploy medium and shorter-range missiles near EU borders if U.S. missiles are deployed in Europe, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told Interfax.

    According to him, the missiles will be deployed along the borders with Baltics and Poland, if the U.S. moves missiles previously deployed in Germany to these regions, as proposed by the U.S. Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher.

    "Those countries that are now literally fighting for the American military presence in …

  • Putin demands increase in Russia's military spending

    The draft federal budget for 2021-23 should include additional resources to ensure the country's defense capability, said Russian President Vladimir Putin during a video conference meeting, which was attended by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, his deputies, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, as well as officials of the presidential administration and the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

    The coronavirus epidemic and forced restrictions "literally froze the global economy," Putin …

  • Russian military patrol comes under drone attack in northeastern Syria

    On 16 July, an explosion occurred on a road between the town of Ad Darbasiyah and the city of Al-Hasaka in northeastern Syria. The Russian military and Asayish police were sent to the area to inspect the scene after the patrols were completed. At that moment there was a second explosion, reported the Telegram channel Directorate 4.

    According to preliminary data, a makeshift UAV of pro-Turkish militia dropped an mortar shell. According to Kurdish media, three Russian servicemen, two Asaish …

  • Putin orders snap combat readiness check of Russian troops along Ukrainian border

    Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a snap inspection of the troops of the Southern and Western military districts on the border with Ukraine, said Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu, as quoted by TASS.

    Shoygu said that, according to Putin's order, a snap inspection will include the troops of the Southern and Western military districts, separate units of the central subordination, airborne troops and marines of the North, Pacific fleets.

    Shoygu also noted that the inspection will …

  • Kremlin denies involvement of Russian military in Libyan conflict

    The Russian military is not taking part in the operation in Libya, said the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

    "The Russian military in no way participates in Libya, in any processes. We are not aware of any Russian citizens who may take part there," he said.

    The day before, the U.S. Army's African Command said on Twitter that Russian mercenaries from Wagner's private military company were in Libya and were prolonging the conflict. " Russia has the power to stop them, …

  • Estonian Defense Minister calls on military to be ready to counter threat from Russia

    In an address to new recruits, Estonian Defense Minister Juri Luik urged soldiers to learn how to counter the Russian threat and closely monitor the Kremlin's actions in the post-Soviet space.

    "Every trained Estonian soldier is another soldier with whom our enemy should reckon with," the Estonian Defense Minister said.

    Luik recalled that, over six years, 13,000 Ukrainians have become victims of Russian aggression. Russia captured the territories of several states: "We do not need to look far …

  • U.S. imposes sanctions against people and companies linked to Putin’s associate Prigozhin

    The U.S. Treasury Department added three Russian individuals and five companies associated with Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin to the sanctions list.

    "Today, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury took further action as part of ongoing sanctions efforts against financier Evgeny Prigozhin, targeting companies located in Sudan, Hong Kong and Thailand that allowed him to avoid U.S. sanctions. The current bet makers have directly contributed to …

  • USA accuses Russian mercenaries in Libya of violating rules of war

    The U.S. Army African Command (US AFRICOM) has accused mercenaries of the Russian private military company Wagner fighting in Libya of violating the UN embargo on the use of anti-personnel mines and improvised explosive devices.

    The U.S. military alleges that Russian mercenaries have been actively setting up mines in areas around Tripoli and Sirte since mid-June, with explosive devices imported from abroad.

    "Russia-sponsored PMC Wagner demonstrates a complete disregard for the security of …