NATO Parliamentary assembly adopts Resolution on Solidarity with Ukraine

A resolution of Solidarity with Ukraine has been adopted by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Ukrainian MP, Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze reports on her Facebook page that the resolution has been adopted with all the revisions requested by the Ukrainian delegation.

It has been adopted unanimously by all the delegations of the NATO countries.

The document condemns in strongest of terms the illegal annexation of Crimea and the continuing intervention in Eastern Ukraine by the Russians.

The …

Leaflets advocating joining Russian military in Syria spotted in Donetsk.

In some areas of Donetsk, which is currently controlled by Pro-Russian separatist, leaflets have begun to appear promoting the advantages of joining the Russian military in Syria.

The leaflets compare the benefits of serving in Syria as opposed to Eastern Ukraine

The anonymous leaflets emphasize that the soldiers fighting in Syria get a higher pay and can also receive an official status having participated in Military operations.  This status in Russia provides extra social assistance and …

Russian 'humanitarian convoys' bring toy bombs to Ukraine.

While Moscow claims its "humanitarian aid" trucks are carrying aid for people in Ukraine's Donbas, the true purpose of the convoys remained delivery of ammunition and supplies for the Kremlin's unmarked troops and mercenaries.These days the truce continues to hold, but the explosives units of Ukraine's armed forces are busy taking care of those "gifts" delivered by the russians.

Over 42,000 mines and other explosives have been detected and defused by Ukrainian military in the war torn areas in …

Mercenaries for Syria recruited in Donetsk.

An active mercenaries recruitment campaign is underway in Donetsk.Recruiters say that no aggravation is expected in the Donbas region in the nearest future and those on "payroll" will not get paid, but  there is an alternative" - ​​help "brotherly Syrian people."The city of Donetsk is teeming with posters like those of "Crusaders" Battalion calling on brave people to join. The phone number on the posters has Donetsk area code. This means that the recruitment station is located in Donetsk.Only a …

Ex-Syrian astronaut becomes general in Free Syrian Army.

A former Syrian air force general who was also the country's first astronaut is now a general in Free Syrian Army.Maj. Gen. Mohammed Fares trained as an astronaut in the Soviet Union from 1985 to 1987, and spent eight days on Russia's Mir space station. He was the first Syrian and the second Arab in space.Muhammed Faris was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union and also the Order of Lenin.Upon returning to Syria he continued his service in the Syrian Air Force, preparing pilots.In 2012 he …