• Russian submarine launches cruise-missile test in the Arctic

    The Russian Lada-class submarine “Sankt Peterburg” hit a predetermined target in the Barents Sea with a cruise missile, the Northern Fleet’s press center told Interfax on November 17.

    "Today, the diesel-electric submarine Sankt-Peterburg executed a combat training plan and fired a cruise missile from a submerged position at a target in the Barents Sea,” the statement reads.

    The area in which training exercises were being conducted was closed to civilian shipping well in advance. Seven of the …

  • Lithuania adopted resolution for EU to extend sanctions against Russia

    Delfi has reported that the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania has adopted a resolution which calls on the EU to extend sanctions against the Russian Federation until the Minsk Agreements have been fully implemented.

    A total of 105 members of Parliament voted in favor of the resolution, none voted against it and one member abstained.

    According to the Lithuanian Parliament, any attempt to ease or lift sanctions against the Russian Federation would encourage the aggressive policy of the …

  • US Senate prepares a new bill against Russia

    U.S. Senators began work on a bill that, according to their plan, should become an effective response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine and Syria, as well as Moscow’s attempts to influence the American elections.

    "Russia is a major challenge for America,” said Senator Benjamin Louis Cardin. “They are not our partners.”

    Cardin referred to Russia’s behavior in the world scene as “hooliganism." He reminded others that this year the USA accused Moscow of attempts at illegally penetrating computer …

  • The OSCE warned about the possibility of separatists attacking Mariupol

    During a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienn, the US Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Daniel Baer, discussed the possibility of separatist forces attacking Mariupol and its surrounding area, UNIAN reports.

    “We are still seriously concerned with the buildup of forces of the joined Russian and separatist troops outside of Mariupol," Baer said. He reported that on November 14th Russian-separatist forces blocked access to the observers of the OSCE …

  • US 'deeply concerned' over Russia's ban of LinkedIn

    The US government is “deeply concerned” over Russia’s recent ban of the LinkedIn website, as stated by a spokesperson of the US Embassy in Moscow, Maria Olson, TASS reported.

    Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications, also known as Roskomnadzor, announced on Thursday that it had banned LinkedIn and instructed Russian telecommunications operators to block the website.

    According to Olson, "This decision is the first of …

  • Russian MoD: Russian Air Force used cruise missiles against ISIS targets in Syria

    The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that strategic missile carriers from the Russian Aerospace Forces, or Vozdushno-Kosmicheskiye Sily (VKS), attacked infrastructure of the ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations on the territory of Syria with cruise missiles.

    The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation specified that launches of the air-based cruise missiles were made from the area above the Mediterranean Sea. The planes took off from one of the airports in the territory of …

  • The Kremlin is in contact with Trump’s team over Syria

    Moscow has begun establishing contacts with the representatives of the team of the US president-elect, Donald Trump, over Syria, stated the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Bogdanov, while speaking to journalists on Thursday, reported Russia's Interfax news agency.

    “We are at a crucial point; the new team of the president-elect, Donald Trump, is taking over. We are beginning to establish contacts with people who will most likely be helping the new president, …

  • Transparency International: Russia is among the most corrupt countries in Europe and Central Asia

    Russia has made the list of the most corrupt countries in Europe and Central Asia, according to the study "Global Corruption Barometer” published by Transparency International.

    In the study, respondents answered questions about the most serious problems facing their countries, about how they evaluate the corruption of government institutions and about the efforts of the country's leadership to combat corruption.

    "These studies suggest that corruption is perceived by the Russians as the third …

  • German special service fears that Russia may intervene in election

    The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Germany is concerned that Russia may interfere in the 2017 Bundestag election campaigns.

    “Last year, we saw that Russia influenced the formation of public opinion in Germany. We are concerned that the same might happen next year,” this was said by the president of the agency, Hans-Georg Maaßen, during an interview with Reuters.

    As an example of this, Maaßen mentioned the alleged kidnapping of a Russian girl named Lisa in Berlin. At …

  • Ukrainian MoD: Former Ukrainian servicemen in Crimea are under attack from Russian special services

    Former Ukrainian military forces who now live in the Crimea could become "potential victims of the Russian special services." This opinion was expressed by the speaker of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine on ATO issues, Andrey Lysenko in an interview with Krym.Realii on November 16.

    "The territory annexed by the Russian Federation is home to thousands of former Ukrainian servicemen who had retired to the reserve. At any time, the Russian security forces can detain and pass off such people as ' …