Ukraine asks French TV Channel to take Anti-Maidan Documentary off the Air

The Ukrainian Embassy in France called the movie, The Masks of the Revolution, a pamphlet made according to the worst traditions of misinformation, and appealed to the leadership of the broadcasting channel to take it off the air.

The Ukrainian Embassy in Paris asked the board of directors of the French TV channel Canal + to cancel the screening of the film, The Masks of the Revolution, which depicts the events on the Maidan in February of 2014. The film is scheduled to be aired on February 1 …

Italian Construction Company Files Lawsuit against Gazprom

A lawsuit against a subsidiary of the Russian energy giant Gazprom was filed by an Italian construction company.

The Italian company, Saipem S.p.A., filed a lawsuit against a subsidiary of the Russian company Gazprom - South Stream Transport B.V. The claim, worth about 759 million Euros, was sent to the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, as reported on the RBC website on Sunday.

According to RBC, the lawsuit was filed on November 10th, 2015, and became the first major lawsuit against …

Expert Says Ukraine Has One of the Biggest Lithium Reserves In Europe

Over time Ukraine will be able to produce enough batteries for electric cars to supply auto concerns all over Europe. Konstantin Evtushenko, an expert on investment attraction and car promotion revealed Ukraine’s hidden potential in an interview with

“We have one of the biggest lithium reserves in Europe, sitting in Donetsk and Kirovograd. Public research has been conducted on this metal deposit. Its concentrations are quite good,” Evtushenko said, adding that it has massive …

Russian Propaganda Film about Ukraine to be Shown on French Television

On February 1st, one of the largest and most popular private television channels in France will broadcast a movie by French director Paul Moreira called, Ukraine: the Masks of the Revolution.

According to EuroPravda, the movie was shot in the spirit of Russian propaganda and serves to spread information about "extremist nationalist battalions in Ukraine that have become a threat to the government," as well as about the "massacre in Odessa."

The documentary shows violent scenes of the fight on …

Turkey Accuses Russia of Violating Its Airspace

The Russian Ambassador to Turkey received a note of protest regarding Turkish airspace violations caused by Russian aircraft, as reported by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ankara. Turkey made the accusations on Saturday, January 30th, on the website of Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is reported that on January 29th at 11:46 local time an Su-34 Russian bomber crossed into Turkish airspace. Before exiting Syrian airspace the pilot was warned repeatedly both in English and Russian. …