Commander of Azov: There cannot be any celebrations while we are surrendering our territory.

The Defender of Ukraine Day was celebrated on October 14th.

A "March of Heroes” took place in Kharkiv.

The event was organized by a civic branch of the Azov battalion and joined by the activists of Pravy Sektor, Shidniy Corps special unit and the residents of Kharkiv.

Almost 1500 people took part in the event.  The national anthem was sung and patriotic songs were chanted.  The soldiers of 92th brigade displayed their battle flag.

Andriy Biletskiy,the founder of Azov battalion, now a …

The latest from the Middle East

ISIS Leader killed

ISIS has confirmed the death of one of its prominent leaders. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in Iraq when his convoy was hit by an air strike.

United States disclosed this information as early as August 21 but the official confirmation from ISIS appeared only now. 

Russian air strikes

During the last day Russian planes conducted as many as 90 air mission over Syria.  Russia says that the main targets of these missions were the fortified positions of ISIS over Latakia, …

A new anti-corruption revolution is coming to Odessa Customs.

25 year old Activist of Ukrainian revolution will become the head of Odessa Customs Department.

Yulia Marushivska can become the head of the Customs of southern Ukrainian region as early as next week.

The statement was made by Mikheil Saakashvil, the Governor of Odessa region, in an interview to Odessa local Channel 7.

He is confident that this woman will become the winner of the contest for this position.

He also added that the customs department will be having all new personnel which will …

Ukraine terminates all air traffic with Russia.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure has announced a complete cessation of air communication with Russia.

This comes after a continued lack of response from the Russian air communication department regarding the restrictions imposed on the Ukrainian airlines.

Ukrainian infrastructure department has decided to suspend all air traffic starting October 25th.

The Ukrainian ministry confirmed that the ban will be imposed on all the Russian airlines.

On September 25th Russian Prime Minister, …

Czech Minister of Defense: It is possible that Russia is financing the influx of refugees to Europe.

Russia can be involved in financing of refugees and their transportation to Europe - said the Minister of Defense of Czech republic.

As reported by Radio Praha, Martin Stropnický, The head of the Czech Defense Ministry expressed his opinion in his interview to Czech MF DNES .

The minister shared the information received from the Hungarian Minister of defense concerning the transportation routes of the migrants to the EU border. The minister said that he was informed that the transportation of …