Turkey: Any aircraft violating our air space will be shot down.

"Turkey will shoot down any aircrafts violating the country's airspace."

The statement was made on Saturday, October 17 by Ahmet Davutoğlu the Turkish Prime Minister.

"Yesterday we shot down a drone. Had it been an aircraft we would have done the same. Our rules of engagement are well known. We will repel anyone violating our borders"

On October 16 Turkish F-16 aircrafts shot down a drone of an unknown manufacturer.

 A military statement said the aircraft was shot down after it ignored …

Standard and Poors confirms Russia's junk credit rating.

Standard & Poor’s kept Russia’s credit Rating at BB+ level, below investment grade.

The rating was initially cut down to junk level at the end of January 2015.

S&P stripped Russia of its investment grade in January for the first time in a decade as plunging oil prices and sanctions over the conflict in Ukraine push the world’s largest energy exporter into its first recession since 2009. The penalties have locked Russian corporate borrowers out of international debt markets, spurred capital …

OSCE asks Russia why TOS-1 rocket launchers are in Ukraine

British delegation to OSCE has requested from Russia an explanation on how TOS-1 thermobaric rocket launcher ended up in Kruglik village of  Luhansk which is under control of  pro-Russian separatists.

Sian MacLeod, the Head of UK Delegation to the OSCE , says that there has  not been any official reply yet.

The TOS1 Rocket launcher, known as Buratino, is manufactured in Russia and they have never been exported to Ukraine.

On September 26th OSCE observers have found at least 36 tanks of an …

Syrian conflict - latest updates, October 15

Iran enters Syrian conflict

Iran has openly entered the Syrian conflict sending 3000 of its elite troops of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in support of the President Bashar Assad.

Iranian troops have been deployed to central and northern parts of Syria where they have been joined by Hezbollah fighters.

On October 10, General Hossein Hamadani ,  one of the commanders of the  Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps was killed in the area of  the Khanasser Highway in Southern Aleppo.

General …

Norway will not take refugees entering from Russia.

Norway said it will send refugees entering from Russia back.

Syrian refugees which arrive in Norway through Russian border will be sent back if they previously have stayed in Russia for a lengthy period of time.

“Some persons who apply for a refugee status have lived in Russia for a long time. This would imply that they are not escaping war or poverty and do not require Norway to  provide their safety since Russia has already done so " said the justice and national safety minister of Norway …