• Ukrainian Armed Forces: The situation on the frontline has gotten worse

    Throughout the night and into the day, Russian troops opened fire 40 times against the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the press center of the Ukrainian Army Headquarters, the situation in the front line in eastern Ukraine has worsened; however, the Ukrainian forces remain in control of the situation.

    In Donetsk, the seperatists fired on fortifications in Avdiivka and Opytne using 122 mm artillery, which is prohibited by the Minsk Agreements. The separatists also used twice 120 mm …

  • Russia has not found investors for the construction of a power plant for the Crimea

    A Russian contract proposal for the construction of a power plant in the Krasnodar region, needed to support the annexed Crimea, has not received any bids, reported Reuters.

    No companies have submitted bids for the contract, and authorities subsequently deemed the proposal invalid.

    The proposal planned to search for new investors to fund the construction of the 450 MW capacity power plant on the Taman Peninsula by 2018. The power plant is needed to supply power to the Krasnodar region of …

  • Over 6,000 people crossed the Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoint in 24 hours

    On July 22nd, 6,111 people crossed the line of demarcation through the Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoint in both directions. As Deputy Chairman of the Luhansk Regional Military-Civil Administration, Yury Klimenko, told journalists, it is the largest number of people crossing the checkpoint in a 24-hour period since the opening of the checkpoint.

    "Despite the increased attacks by militants, people continue to cross the only pedestrian checkpoint in the Luhansk region," the press service of Luhansk …

  • Ukrainian Prosecutor General: Main motive for Sheremet's murder appears to be revenge for his professional activities

    The General Prosecutor of Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko said on 112 TV Channel that the main motive for the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet is revenge for his professional activity.

    “The investigators considered all angles but revenge for professional activity is seen as the key motive,” Lutsenko said. “The primary investigation activities are currently underway. We receive testimonies of those who live in this area and interview witnesses, including the notorious Russian Channel that always …

  • Plotnitsky would meet with Savchenko only if she created her own team in Parliament

    The head of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic, Igor Plotnitsky, responded to the Ukrainian MP Nadiya Savchenko’s proposal to meet face to face. According to him, their conversation could yield results only if Savchenko is able to create her own team in the Ukrainian Parliament.

    “I appreciate the calls for peace, forgiveness and dialogue that Nadiya Savchenko has made recently. However, peace cannot be achieved by talks and negotiations alone,” Plotnitsky said. The leader of the so- …

  • Ukrainian Intelligence: Russian troops in the Donbas are moving closer to the demarcation line

    Ukrainian Intelligence has reported that pro-Russian forces in the Donbas are actively strengthening their positions in three areas.

    According to the main intelligence directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the enemy is reinforcing divisions at the front, transporting weapons and military equipment towards Novoaidar, Donetsk and Sloviansk. The rotation of the troops is taking place near settlements which are in the immediate vicinity of the demarcation line.

    In the area of …

  • Ukrainian Border Guard Service: Russian soldiers continue video-tracking from reconnaissance balloon in Crimea

    Ukrainian border guard officers made a video of a reconnaissance balloon of Russian military in the Crimea that was launched again on the 23rd of July near the Ukrainian administrative border, Krym.Realii reported.

    “Today, at 9 a.m., border guard officers of the Henichesk department, Berdiansk detachment recorded the launch of a reconnaissance balloon by Russian troops. They use it near Arabat Spit, probably for the purpose of video surveillance,” the Ukrainian agency reported on Saturday. …

  • Kerry and Lavrov to meet in Laos to continue dialogue on Syrian ceasefire

    The heads of the Russian and US diplomatic missions will meet in Laos to resume talks on Syria. According to US Secretary of State John Kerry, the parties will consider a plan to establish a ceasefire in the country.

    On July 22, US Secretary of State John Kerry announced that he intends to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Laos to continue the dialogue on Syria.

    Kerry and Lavrov will participate in the annual events of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) on …

  • Belgian parliament to consider lifting sanctions on Russia

    The lower chamber of the Belgian Parliament has introduced a draft resolution on the abolition of sanctions against Russia, RBC-Ukraine reported, citing a statement posted on the website of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives.

     The sponsor of the resolution, MP Aldo Carcaci, told RIA Novosti that the vote will most likely be held in October.

    "We will open discussion on sanctions which primarily damage Belgian businesses, in particular crops producers," Carcaci explained.

    The EU and the US …

  • Three Ukrainian border guards in the Donbas suffer retina burns after being shot with laser weapons

    Three Ukrainian border guards at the Marinka checkpoint have suffered retina burns of varying severity while conducting terrain surveillance using optical equipment. The Ukrainian State Border Service suspects that prohibited special purpose laser weapons were used against them.

    "The nature of the burns and preliminary medical diagnosis leads to the conclusion that it's possible that the enemy used high-power light emitters, which could be the so called ‘dazzling lasers,’" the State Border …