Ukraine ranked second in butter supply to the EU

Ukraine became the second-ranked country after New Zealand to supply butter to the European Union, reported Trade Representative of Ukraine Nataliya Mykolska.

"Ukraine ranked second after New Zealand in terms of butter supplies to the EU. In January-November 2017, the EU imported 2,300 tons of relevant products while annual supplies increased almost sevenfold compared to 2016," she wrote on Facebook.

According to Mykolska, similar trends are being observed in the world market as well.

"According to our peers from the United States, in January-October 2017, Ukraine was the world’s eighth largest butter exporter with total exports of 20,800 tons, tripling its annual growth," the statement says.

Ukraine has also reached its annual duty-free quotas on the export of wheat and corn, 1.035 million tons and 1.125 million tons respectively, in five days.

Last year, Ukraine completely exhausted in just a few days its annual quota of duty-free honey exports to the European Union, which amounted to 5,200 tons.

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