Zelensky does not intend to change Ukraine's course to NATO

Adviser on the Defense of a newly elected President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Ivan Aparshin outlined the priorities and political course of the new head of state, including in relations with Russia.

On the air of Hromadske television Aparshin called the conflict in the Donbas as the "war with Russia" and promised that Zelensky won't change the attitude to this situation.

Besides, one of the main priorities under the new leadership will remain Ukraine's accession to NATO, as well as the eradication of corruption in the defense sector and the creation of a professional army with an operating reserve.

"We are not changing the course regarding Ukraine's accession to NATO. However, we didn't discuss deadlines. We do not change course on the attitude to war with the Russian Federation, because it's a war," said Aparshin.

Also, the Adviser noted that he didn't manage to discuss many subjects with Zelensky during a personal meeting. However, he called a position on them as "well-known."

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