Ukrainian troops in Donbas receive anti-drone systems

Fron-line units of the Ukrainian army received new anti-drone systems which are expected to help them counter drones used by pro-Russian militants to drop explosive devices on the Ukrainian positions, reports the Ukrainian Television News Service (TSN).

Military journalist Andriy Tsaplienko reported that the Ukrainian military already started using the EDM4S-UA drone mitigation systems, which had been ordered by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Tsaplienko noted that pro-Russian mercenaries have been actively using combat drones to drop VOG-17 grenades or mines on Ukrainian positions.

However, according to him, the solution to the new Russian tactics was quickly found.

EDM4S-UA electronic drone mitigation system is manufactured in Lithuania. The published footage shows the work of the system. The operator points it at the drone, and then pulls the trigger. An electromagnetic pulse is sent in the direction of the UAV, disrupting any communication with it.

After that, the drone either hovers in the air and lands or returns to where it was launched, with an explosive on board.

Ukrainian servicemen note that the presence of such systems in each unit will be able to change the situation on the front line.

  Donbas, Ukraine, Russia


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