Ukrainian State Border Service: all ships are at sea and combat ready

Chairman of the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service Petro Tsyhykal stated on the television channel UATV,  that all ships and boats of the State Border Service of Ukraine are combat ready.

“Virtually the entire crew is at sea today,” states the State Border Service website, quoting Tsyhykal.

Tsyhykal noted that from December 1st, the border guards are part of the staff of the Maritime Security Administration. Also, he stated that a regional maritime office had been created.

Starting November 28th, Martial law has been introduced for a period of 30 days in several regions of Ukraine. On November 26th, the country’s Chief of the General Staff ordered to bring different units of the national army to combat readiness.

On December 3rd, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced the redeployment of troops to the border with Russia. He also said that regions that are under Martial law would have recruitment with reservists being called up first.

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