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  • Ukraine to adopt US border security model

    The US Customs and Border Protection Service will assist the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service (SBGS) in adopting a new model of border protection, reported SBGS's head Serhiy Deyneko.

    Deyneko said that the SGBS's delegation was on a visit to Texas where it studied the specifics of work of the US Customs and Border Protection Service.

    Ukrainian border guards saw how the border control and search for offenders are carried out in the United States, and which technical means are used at the …

  • Ukraine resumes construction of the wall on the border with Russia

    An assistant to Head of State Border Service of Ukraine Oleh Slobodyan stated that on March 1, Ukraine resumed construction of the so-called "Wall" on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

    According to him, since the beginning of March, workers laid about 500 meters of ditches bringing the total to 4.5 kilometers since the start of the year. They have also installed 120 meters of Yegoza-type fences for a total of 6 km since the start of the year. 1200 meters of road has been prepared. In Zolochiv …

  • Kyiv: 6,500 Russians were denied entry into Ukraine in 2018

    The press representative of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Oleh Slobodyan, said in an interview with Espresso TV that the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine refused entry to 6,500 Russians last year. He added that the number has increased compared to 2017.

    Slobodyan clarified that there are three main reasons for refusing entry: failing to prove the trip purpose, exceeding the stay period during previous trips and violation of Ukrainian legislation regarding visiting the Crimea. …

  • Kyiv: Hundreds of Russians denied entry into Ukraine after the end of martial law

    The press representative of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Oleh Slobodyan, said that after the end of martial law in Ukraine on December 26, 2018, more than 700 Russian citizens have not been allowed into Ukraine, the Ukrainian news agency UNN reports.

    According to Slobodyan, 534 people were denied entry from December 26 to 31. Earlier, the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Serhiy Yarovyi stated that 1,616 Russian citizens had been denied entry within the 30 …

  • Kyiv denies that the entry ban for Russian men had been lifted

    Despite the lifting of martial law, more stringent control over foreigners' entry into Ukrainian territory and firstly Russian citizens will remain. The State Border Service will continue to thoroughly verify the reasons of the trip of each Russian citizen to Ukraine, stated Spokesman for Ukraine's State Border Guard Service Oleh Slobodyan, Radio Svoboda reports. 

    “Women can also take part, for example, in destabilizing activities in the territory of Ukraine and carry out other assignments of …

  • After the introduction of martial law Ukraine banned entry to 900 Russians

    Since the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, 900 citizens of Russia were banned from visiting Ukraine, stated Andriy Demchenko, the head of the department of interaction with the media of the State Border Service, UNN reported.

    Russian border guards, in their turn, banned the entry of 250 Ukrainians, he said.

    UNN reports that since the introduction of martial law, more than 16 thousand Russians have been able to enter Ukraine. Most of them have humanitarian ties in the country. At the …

  • Ukrainian State Border Service: all ships are at sea and combat ready

    Chairman of the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service Petro Tsyhykal stated on the television channel UATV,  that all ships and boats of the State Border Service of Ukraine are combat ready.

    “Virtually the entire crew is at sea today,” states the State Border Service website, quoting Tsyhykal.

    Tsyhykal noted that from December 1st, the border guards are part of the staff of the Maritime Security Administration. Also, he stated that a regional maritime office had been created.

    Starting …

  • Ukraine accuses Crimean Titan factory of air pollution

    On Monday, September 3, in the Kherson region, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS) detected chemical substances in the air connected to emissions from the Titan factory, which is located in the city of Armyansk in northern Crimea, reported SBGS spokesperson Oleh Slobodyan.

    “The devices indicated an increased concentration of toxic industrial substances. We believe that these are emissions from the Titan-2 factory, which is located in occupied Armyansk,” Slobodyan said.

    According …

  • Ukraine accuses Russia of intentionally creating traffic jams at the entry point to Crimea

    A large traffic jam built up at Chonhar checkpoint on the administrative border with the Crimea on July 17, Krym Realii reported. Maksym Soroka, assistant head of the Azov-Black Sea Regional Department of Mass Media Cooperation with the State Border Service of Ukraine explained that Russian border guards delayed car inspections at the checkpoint, resulting in long queues. "They registered vehicles slowly and intentionally, though there were no objective reasons for this," he explained.  …

  • US company to supply Ukraine with integrated surveillance system

    The administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and the American company Worldwide Aeros Corp signed an agreement that will see the delivery of integrated surveillance systems to Ukrainian border crossings. The press service of the Cabinet of Ministers reported that the first monitoring system is currently on its way.

    Kiev hopes to stop the flow of fighters and weapons entering the warzone in eastern Ukraine from Russia. The two countries share a 2,300 km (1,426 mile) border, …