Ukrainian Security Service investigates an attempt to seize power in Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) started an investigation into a possible attempt to seize power in the country in 2018, Ukrainsky Novyny news outlet reported, citing the materials of the court.

According to the SBU, a conference called the “First national Ukrainian Congress” or “FNUC” was held in Prague in May 2018. Its participants declared the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the General Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine illegitimate and criminal organizations and called the FNUC “the only legitimate legislative body of the country.”

As the result of the conference, participants formed the so-called the Ukrainian People's Tribunal and declared it the true judiciary branch of Government and announced the formation of the Special Service for the secret execution of sentences, the agency writes.

Moreover, the participants of the FNUC announced the creation of other power structures, including “the Ukrainian People's Army” that should confront the National Guard and National Police of Ukraine in order to forcibly seize power and overthrow the constitutional order.

Also at the Convention in Prague, a presidential candidate of Ukraine from the FNUC, an activist of Euromaidan, Ivan Bubenchyk was elected. He is suspected of killing two employees of the special Berkut police in February 2014.

The news agency states that the leader of the FNUC is Rustam Tashbaev, a member of the political organization Ukrainian Political Alliance. The SBU stated that he was expelled from the country in 2015.

According to the agency, in December 2018, a forensic linguistic analysis of the statements published at the conventions of the FNUC was requested.


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