Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoyskyi plans to return to Ukraine

Ukrainian tycoon Igor Kolomoiskyi said that he plans to return to Ukraine after the results of the Presidential election are officially announced.

“Yes, I will return to the country without fail, but not before the results of the presidential elections are officially released,” said the businessman who currently resides in Israel as quoted by news outlet.

Kolomoyskyi had publicly supported showman Vladimir Zelensky’s presidential run but noted that he could not finance his campaign.

The second round of the presidential election in Ukraine took place on April 21. With 99% of the protocols processed, Zelensky took the lead with more than 73% of the votes, while the current head of state, Petro Poroshenko, only had 24.46% of the votes.

During the election campaign, Poroshenko repeatedly claimed there was a possible connection between the billionaire and Zelensky’s presidential run and called his opponent “Kolomoyskyi’s puppet”.

Since 2012, Studio “Quarter 95” which was founded in part by Zelensky, is broadcast on the channel “1 + 1” owned by Kolomoyskyi. A few days before the second round of the election, the presidential candidate himself said that the businessman would be sentenced to prison if he broke the law: “I’ll tell you this right away about Mr. Kolomoyskyi: all people who break the law, <...> they will all go to jail, but not two weeks later <...> they will be put behind bars as soon as they break the law.”

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