Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky: there is a civil war going on in Donbas

Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky sees the war in the Donbas as a civil conflict in which “Ukrainians are at war with Ukrainians”.

 “This is an internal civil conflict, what is so hard to understand about that? Thank God, it has not spread to the entire territory. But it is in its hot phase in the Donbas and cold phase in the rest of the country. In the cold phase, there is hatred between people which manifest itself in heated actions like the murder of social activists,” said Kolomoisky in an interview with

According to him, in the east of Ukraine “Ukrainians are at war with Ukrainians” and Russia “supports part of Ukrainians and if it didn’t, then Ukrainians would have reconciled a long time ago.”

However, he also said that under Yanukovych there was a criminal regime and there was no other way about it than to stage an “uprising”.

When asked whether the Maidan had been a negative development, Kolomoisky answered in the affirmative: “Subtract Crimea, subtract the Donbas, subtract 13 million (people in Ukraine).”

Let us recall that the oligarch has been living in Israel since September 2018. He promised to return to Ukraine after the results of the presidential election were officially released and is ready to advise the newly elected President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky.

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