Ukrainian military command: Ukrainian Armed Forces do not capture territories specified in the Minsk Agreements

Information about the alleged advancement of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbas is false, according to the statement of press center of the Ukrainian military command in the Donbass, posted on Facebook.

"In social networks, false information continues to be spread, alleging that the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are moving forward and occupying new positions along the front line," the press center noted.

Thus, the information has been circulated that the military units of a separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly advanced two kilometers forward and became entrenched in the Svitlodarsk salient.

"The press center of the headquarters of the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation, name used for the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ operation in the Donbas] reports that all the units of the Armed Forces that take part in the ATO are occupying areas defined by the Minsk agreements. No one crosses the line of demarcation," the press center said.

The headquarters added that in the last twenty-four hours, separatists violated the ceasefire 30 times.

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