Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summons French Ambassador after Macron's words about 'Ukrainian gangs'

The Spokesperson of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Kateryna Zelenko reported that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned French Ambassador Etienne de Poncins to explain the words of French President Emmanuel Macron against Ukrainians.

"In connection with the appearance in the media of the words attributed to French President Macron, the French ambassador to Ukraine was invited to the Foreign Ministry to provide clarifications," reads the statement.

The French Ambassador noted that the French side has no claims against the Ukrainians who travel to France.

"So, therefore, Macron's words regarding migration and legal employment were taken out of context," reads the message.

"The parties confirmed that there is a complete understanding between Kyiv and Paris and cooperation in implementing agreements on the movement of citizens of both countries," reports Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, in an interview with the right-wing magazine Valeurs actuelles, French President Emmanuel Macron said that he was going to fight against parallel societies and illegal immigration in France.

"I prefer legal immigrants from Guinea or Ivory Coast over illegal Ukrainian or Bulgarian gangs," said Macron.

  Macron, Kyiv, Ukraine


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