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  • Zelensky rejects Macron's Olympic truce proposal, citing security concerns for Ukraine

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has turned down French President Emmanuel Macron's proposal for an "Olympic truce" during the upcoming Paris Games. "We are against any truce that benefits the enemy," Zelensky told Agence France-Presse. He explained that while Ukraine is not opposed to peace and ending the war, Moscow would exploit the pause to move additional troops into Ukrainian territory and launch a renewed offensive with fresh forces. "Who can guarantee that Russia won't use this …

  • Macron seeks Olympic truce and supports neutral participation of Russian athletes in Paris Games

    French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed hope that hostilities in Russia's war against Ukraine and other military conflicts, particularly in the Middle East and Sudan, will cease during the Paris Olympic Games. In an interview with French media on Monday, April 15, Macron stated his commitment to "do everything possible to obtain an Olympic truce" for the upcoming Summer Games.

    "We want to work on an Olympic truce, and I think this is an opportunity for me to engage with many of our …

  • Macron open to Putin attending G20 Summit but seeks consensus

    French President Emmanuel Macron has not ruled out the possibility of Russian President Vladimir Putin attending the G20 summit, which is to take place in November 2024 in Brazil, reports RFI.

    This topic was reportedly broached at a joint press conference featuring Emmanuel Macron and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in Brazil.

    According to journalists, Macron stressed the need to reach a consensus among the G20 leaders regarding Putin's invitation to the summit. Macron remarked …

  • Macron announces upcoming Kyiv visit and enhanced military support for Ukraine

    French President Emmanuel Macron has announced his intention to visit Kyiv and sign a security guarantee agreement, along with providing Ukraine with an additional 40 long-range SCALP missiles and other military assistance.

    According to Macron, he is working with Kyiv on a bilateral security guarantee agreement expected to be signed within a few weeks. The French President also revealed that France was going to supply about 40 SCALP missiles, several hundred bombs, and CAESAR self-propelled …

  • Macron: now is not the time for negations between Ukraine and Russia

    French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with the French newspaper Les Échos that now is not the time for negotiations in the Russian war against Ukraine and China also understands this.

    The journalist asked Macron what after his dialogue with Xi can be expected from China regarding the war in Ukraine.

    "I think China is making the same observation as we are, which is that the weather is currently military. Ukrainians are resisting, and we are helping them. It’s not the time for …

  • Kyiv: deliveries of western fighter jets to Ukraine may be unblocked soon

    The issue of providing Ukraine with long-range weapons and fighter jets can be resolved, said the  Head of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration, Andriy Yermak.

    "The issue around long-range weapons and fighters for Ukraine can be resolved soon. Details will be a little later?" Yermak wrote on Telegram.

    During a speech in the British Parliament, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, presented the Speaker of the House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle with a helmet of a Ukrainian fighter pilot and …

  • Macron asks Iran to help mediate talks between Russia and Ukraine

    Deputy Head of the Iranian Presidential Administration for Political Affairs Mohammad Jamshidi said that French President Emmanuel Macron asked the Islamic Republic to mediate negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

    According to the Iranian news agency ISNA, "after a series of consultations," Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian sent to Moscow "an important message along with a peace initiative". ISNA does not provide the content of the message and the details of the peace …

  • Macron: at some point Zelensky will have to negotiate peace with Russia

    French President Emmanuel Macron said that "at some point" the Ukrainian President and other representatives of Ukraine will have to negotiate peace with Russia.

    "We, the Europeans, will also be at the negotiating table," Macron said, speaking to the French military in Romania. He noted that EU countries are helping Ukraine in repelling Russian aggression.

    In addition, Macron repeated his earlier statement that Russia is also a part of the European continent.

    Macron will also visit Moldova …

  • Mocron promises to send more heavy weapons to Ukraine

    During a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, French President Emmanuel Macron said that France is ready to supply Ukraine with more weapons, including heavy weapons.

    The press service of the French government noted that during the conversation, the Presidents also discussed the latest developments at the front, Kyiv's needs for military equipment, political and financial support, as well as humanitarian aid.

    In addition, Macron promised to "maintain contact" on …

  • Zelensky: Macron suggested to make concessions on Ukraine’s sovereignty to help Putin save face

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that French President Emmanuel Macron suggested to him to cede part of Ukraine’s sovereignty in order to help Putin "save face".

    "Macron wanted to see results in mediation between us. He didn't find them on our side. He did not get them from the Russian Federation and suggested to me certain things related to concessions on our sovereignty in order to help Putin save his face. I don't think that's very correct. We are not ready to help someone to …