Macron open to Putin attending G20 Summit but seeks consensus

French President Emmanuel Macron has not ruled out the possibility of Russian President Vladimir Putin attending the G20 summit, which is to take place in November 2024 in Brazil, reports RFI.

This topic was reportedly broached at a joint press conference featuring Emmanuel Macron and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in Brazil.

According to journalists, Macron stressed the need to reach a consensus among the G20 leaders regarding Putin's invitation to the summit. Macron remarked that facilitating Putin's attendance would be "a task for Brazilian diplomacy".

Macron also said that such a meeting could prove "useful" and, if so, "it should be done". However, he highlighted the potential for division, emphasizing that an invitation for Putin should not proceed if it is "undoubtedly going to cause a split".

Brazil took over the presidency of the G20 in December and is keen on securing support for new funding sources aimed at combating hunger and climate change.

From March 26 indicate that Macron embarked on a three-day visit to Brazil, partly to persuade the country's president to align with Kyiv, given that Lula had previously shown an inclination to remain neutral.

Earlier, on December 4, Lula had stated his willingness to invite Putin to the G20 summit in Brazil but advised that the Russian president would need to "assess the consequences" of his attendance. According to the Brazilian leader, Putin is "aware of what could happen".

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