Ukraine requests F-16 fighter jets from the Netherlands

The Dutch government confirmed it received an official request from Ukraine for fighter jets, reports the news agency NOS, citing the Dutch Defense Minister, Kajsa Ollongren.

The minister called this request understandable, adding that it is not easy to fulfill.

"We should discuss the availability of the F-16 with the Americans and other allies. And we have to seriously look at the consequences. It can't happen overnight. We must be honest in this regard," the Minister said. "We take the request very seriously, but the question of fighter jets is not so easy to solve."

She stressed that before the Ukrainian Forces receive the fighter jets, they must undergo appropriate training. In addition, the delivery of the aircraft requires the consent of the US government.

But Ollongren believes that Ukraine will still become a country that has F-16s. "The country will never again be able to buy Russian fighter jets, as it was before," she said.

The Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, said that negotiations between partners on the delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine should not be open to public until the final decision is made. And commenting on the delivery of tanks, he recalled that, earlier, the "big announcement" was made by Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands concerning Leopard 1 tanks.

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