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  • Kyiv: Ukrainian pilots training on F-16 simulators, preparing for actual flights

    Ukrainian pilots are now training on flight training devices as part of the F-16 exercises, according to Yuriy Ihnat, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force. Speaking during a national telethon, he emphasized that these devices are not the same as regular flight simulators.

    "The things are happening there. The information is highly confidential, and our partners don't really want to talk much about it. They are simply doing their job, while our pilots are undergoing training. They are …

  • Training of Ukrainian pilots and technicians on F-16 fighter jets can take 6-8 months, says Dutch Defense Minister

    The training of Ukrainian pilots and technicians on F-16 fighter jets can take 6-8 months, said Minister of Defense of the Netherlands, Kajsa Ollongren, as reported by RBC-Ukraine.

    Ollongren emphasized the importance of a thorough training process due to Ukraine's need for the aircraft in the ongoing war, stating, "The pilots need to know how to fly and fight on these aircraft. You need technicians to service the fighters. You need to know how to use the F-16 weaponry."

    She estimated that it …

  • Kyiv: Ukraine needs 128 western fighter jets to protect its entire airspace

    "Ukraine needs more than 100 fighters to protect its entire airspace," said Yuriy Ignat, the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, while discussing Denmark and the Netherlands' plan to transfer F-16 fighters to Ukraine.

    Ignat explained that if Ukraine were to receive 42 fighters, it would equate to approximately 2-3 squadrons. However, the Ukrainian Armed Forces actually need 128 fighters in order to update their aviation fleet, as outlined in the vision of the Ukrainian Air Force. …

  • Russian Ambassador to Denmark: supply of F-16 fighters to Ukraine is an escalation of war

    Russia views the supply of Danish F-16 fighters to Ukraine as an "escalation" of the war, said the Russian ambassador to Denmark, Vladimir Barbin. "Denmark, under the pretext that Ukraine should determine its own peace terms, is effectively forcing Ukraine to continue the military confrontation with Russia. This stance pushes Ukraine into a dangerous situation, endangering its population," stated the ambassador. The Russian ambassador also said that the objectives of a full-scale war against …

  • Denmark to provide 19 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

    During a joint press conference between Ukrainian President Zelensky and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, it was announced that Denmark will transfer 19 F-16 aircraft to Ukraine, as reported by RBC-Ukraine.

    Zelensky and Frederiksen had the opportunity to inspect one of the planes at the Skrydstrup airbase and even sat together in the cockpit. The transfer of the aircraft will take place once Ukrainian pilots have completed their training.

    It was reported earlier that the Netherlands …

  • Ukrainian President Zelensky secures deal for F-16 fighters during visit to the Netherlands

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, accompanied by his spouse and a team of officials, recently arrived in the Netherlands for a visit. He held talks with Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

    Zelensky took to Facebook to express the main topic of discussion during the meeting. "The primary issue is acquiring F-16 fighters for Ukraine to protect our people from Russian terror. Also on the agenda are the Global Peace Summit, exploring the peace formula, and holding the terrorist state accountable," he …

  • Kyiv: U.S. has determined that Ukrainian pilots would need only 4 month to master F-16

    Spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Yuriy Ihnat confirmed that skills of Ukrainian pilots were evaluated in the United States to see how much time they would need to master the F-16 aircraft.

    Ihnat noted that the Ukrainian Air Force had previously announced that up to six months of training would be required, but the American side came to the conclusion that the Ukrainian pilots could probably be retrained in four months.

    "An evaluation of our pilots was done. These are combat pilots, with …

  • Ukraine requests F-16 fighter jets from the Netherlands

    The Dutch government confirmed it received an official request from Ukraine for fighter jets, reports the news agency NOS, citing the Dutch Defense Minister, Kajsa Ollongren.

    The minister called this request understandable, adding that it is not easy to fulfill.

    "We should discuss the availability of the F-16 with the Americans and other allies. And we have to seriously look at the consequences. It can't happen overnight. We must be honest in this regard," the Minister said. "We take the …