Ukraine praised Volker’s work with Surkov

The framework of negotiations conducted between US State Department Representative Kurt Volker and Russian Presidential Aide Vladislav Surkov was one of the most effective this year, said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for the European Integration Olena Zerkal during a broadcast on Channel 5.

"There is no other framework, so everyone supports the Minsk format ... This year the Volker-Surkov format worked more intensively," she said on Channel 5 on Tuesday.

According to Zerkal, Ukraine is trying to use all frameworks and platforms to achieve results.

The last topic that was discussed by Volker and Surkov concerned peacekeepers in the Donbas. Specifically, the State Department Representative gave the Russian diplomat an alternative to the Russian version of the resolution on the deployment of a UN mission in the Donbas.

  Kurt Volker, Surkov, Donbas, Ukraine