U.S. plans to hand over to Kyiv details of investigation into Ukrainian oligarchs

Washington will hand over to Kyiv details of investigation into the activities of Ukrainian oligarchs, said Daniel Fried, former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, reports the Ukrainian news outlet Espreso.

According to Fried, he expects that the American President Joe Biden will make sure that the Ukrainian leadership continues these investigations.

Fried stressed that the new U.S. administration wants to block illegal funds coming into the United States.

"Joe Biden's administration has long been talking about blocking the trafficking of corrupt funds, the funds of dirty businessmen, no matter where they are coming from. Therefore, we should expect changes in this direction," Fried said.

He added, the U.S. authorities intend to track the origins of dirty money, to see how and from where these money streams are coming into the U.S. banking system.

In September 2020, the international consortium of investigative journalists ICIJ published a report on the world's largest banks, based in Malaysia, Venezuela, Russia and Ukraine, which were facilitating money laundering.

The published data contains information about 489 transactions involving Ukrainian accounts totaling about 500 million dollars.

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