Ukrainian Security Service reports more than 300 pro-Russian accounts to Facebook and Twitter

The press service of the Ukraine Security Service or SBU identified and reported more than 300 pro-Russian social network accounts on Facebook and Twitter which SBU believes were created to intervene in the presidential elections in Ukraine in 2019.

According to DBU, these accounts were  intended to be used during the Ukrainian presidential election for targeted political advertising. Ukrainian law enforcement officials have submitted information on the identified accounts to the administration of Facebook and Twitter.

The SBU officers found a Kyiv resident who, while being guided by the Russian Special Services, administrated social network groups with anti-Ukrainian orientation. He received monetary compensation for gaining access to the advertising accounts of Facebook and Twitter users.

The Security Service of Ukraine warns citizens that the responsibility for illegal actions will be borne by the account owner or the person who registered the account in social networks. Offers to use such accounts must be reported to the Security Service of Ukraine hotline.

Last week, Facebook deleted several hundred pages, groups and accounts, allegedly created in Russia and presumably had target groups in post-Soviet countries.



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