Azov Battalion returns to the forefront in the Donbas

The special detachment of the Ukrainian National Guard, Azov has returned to the demarcation line in the Donbas to carry out military tasks, the unit’s press service reported.

“Behind us are more than three years of grueling training, dozens of missions and large-scale exercises, liberation of the cities and settlements. We are confident that the most remarkable battles of the Azov lie ahead,” the statement reads.

The Azov press service states that servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Azov National Guard unit will defend Ukraine’s freedom together and that it’s for the first time that a National Guard’s unit is deployed to position “zero” [positions directly facing the enemy]. According to Azov’s press, “the fighters of the Azov promised to make every effort to bring victory, something in which they have no doubts”.

  Azov, Ukraine, Donbas