Slovakia opens the first criminal case for participation in the war in Donbas

For the first time, a citizen of Slovakia has been charged for taking part in the war in the East of Ukraine, Slovak police reported on Facebook.

According to the investigation, Mario, a local resident whose last name was not disclosed, has been fighting on the side of pro-Russian militants since July 2015. He has been charged in absentia with taking part in hostilities as part of an organized armed group in the territory of another state. If Mario returns to Slovakia, he may face up to eight years in prison.

Earlier, Slovakia extradited to Ukraine the former member of the volunteer Ukrainian corps Right Sector, Volodymyr Hlasner, who served as the Chief of Staff of the first Transcarpathian reserve battalion of the volunteer Ukrainian corps. Hlasner has been wanted by the Transcarpathian Prosecutor’s Office since May 31, 2016. He is charged under Articles 125, 129, 258 and 257 of the Criminal Code for intentional light bodily injury, threat of murder, terrorist attack and banditry, respectively.

  Ukraine, Slovakia, Donbas