Security Service of Ukraine detains a Russian spy who worked for Ukrainian National Guard

The Security Service of Ukraine detained a National Guard Servicewoman named Rodionova, who, according to the investigation, was recruited by Russian special services, as stated by the head of the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine), Vasyl Hrytsak, at a briefing on Wednesday.

"This woman visited the Russian Federation last year during the summer, she has a sister there. She was recruited by the Russian Special Services during her visit. She had even two pseudonyms, as she claimed – “the 45th” and “the Nevsky.” She signed messages using a men’s pseudonyms to hide that she was a woman," he said.

According to him, she worked at the Ukrainian National Guard’s document storage center and transmitted classified information to Russia.

On October 6th a suspicious man was detained near a unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Odessa region. He was accused of espionage and handed over to the SBU.

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