Ukrainian Security Service uncovers company delivering alloy used in missile production to Russia

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) announced that it has uncovered a company in the Kirovohrad province which has been exporting a chemical substance used in the production of military equipment to Russia.

The private company had carried out a number of export operations to sell bars of the semiconductor monocrystalline gallium arsenide alloy to a Russian company which acted as an intermediary.

According to the SBU’s report, the chemical substance was then redirected to one of Russia’s instrument engineering bureaus, where it was used in the creation of modernized radar units.

This device is used to produce Buk anti-air missile systems and Pantsir-S1 missile launcher systems, which are in the armament of the Armed Forces of Russia, and are used in the DPR and the LPR.

Based on this information, Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council has decided to implement restrictive measures against the Russian company by stopping its trade operations and terminating its active trade agreements, joint projects and industrial programs in various spheres, especially the security and defense sphere.

  SBU, Ukraine, Russia