Kyiv: Russia plans large-scale invasion of Ukraine in fall

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has information on Russia's plans to foster preconditions for the deployment of Russian troops into Ukraine this fall, under the pretext of "protecting the Russian-speaking population."

"We have information about Russia’s plans. We know of the agenda of…a group in Putin’s circle, who have set out to create the preconditions for the deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine this fall, on the pretext of protecting the Russian-speaking population," Viktor Kononenko, Deputy Head of the SBU, said at a briefing in Kyiv on Friday.

According to Kononenko, as a pretext for such an action, the Kremlin plans to involve “criminals, athletes, and near-criminal structures” to attack participants at pro-Russian events and religious processions.

"But we will not let them implement these plans," the Deputy Head of the SBU assured.

  SBU, Russia, Ukraine