Russian troops intensify assault on Avdiivka from multiple directions

Russian forces attempt to capture Avdiivka in Donetsk region, attacking the town from three directions, military expert Ihor Romanenko reported during a national news broadcast.

The expert highlighted that the Russian Armed Forces are trying to breach the city’s defenses from the north, south (towards Pervomaisk), and in a direct frontal attack.

To the north, near the Stepne area, the adversary is focusing on cutting off logistic routes from this direction towards the south. The corridor there narrowed from 10 to 4 kilometers at one point, allowing the Russians to shell the area and exert fire control, particularly around the "Brevno" restaurant complex, clarified Romanenko.

Near the "Tsarska Ohota" restaurant, Russian forces are using underground utilities to navigate, and battles are already raging within the civilian infrastructure of Avdiivka. To the south, the Russian military is advancing towards Pervomaisk, where, according to Romanenko, they have been concentrating their artillery to launch strikes against Ukrainian positions.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reports that Ukrainian Forces in the Avdiivka area continue to hold back the enemy, who persistently attempts to encircle the city. The soldiers are maintaining a firm defense, inflicting significant losses on the Russians. Over the past day, Ukrainian Defense Forces repulsed 11 enemy attacks near Stepne and Avdiivka, as well as another 17 attacks around Toretsk, Pervomaisk, and Nevilske in the Donetsk region.

Russia is reportedly preparing for a major assault on Avdiivka within a week to ten days. Military analyst Andriy Kramarov mentioned that just before the attack on the city, the Russians might deploy an additional 10–20 thousand troops, as Russia has substantial reserves for an offensive on a town like Avdiivka.

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