Russian region where Putin's nuclear banker is located was exempt from mobilization

One of the regions of the Russian Federation was not involved in the "partial" mobilization of Russians for war in Ukraine. None of the inhabitants of the Altai region was called up for service there, said the senator from the region, Vladimir Poletaev.

"At the moment, not a single person has been called up from the Altai Republic as part of the partial mobilization. Military enlistment offices are working to update the available data on citizens, draft letters are being sent, " Poletaev wrote on Telegram.

This information was confirmed by the press secretary of the head of the Altai Republic Mikhail Maksimov. "The information is true. In general, information about the quota for the region is closed," RIA Novosti quoted him as saying. Also, the press secretary said that he was not aware of if there were any complains regarding the work of military recruitment offices in the region.

About 221 thousand people live in the republic with an area of 92,903 km. One of the main sectors of the region's economy is tourism thanks to the beautiful natural landscapes. Here among the mountains there is a hotel and a tourist resort of the state corporation Gazprom, where the Russian high ranking officials come to vacation.

One of the nuclear bunkers of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is believed to be located there. According to the well-known political scientist Valery Solovyev, this is a whole underground city, equipped with the latest science and technology in case of a nuclear war.

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