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  • Russian region where Putin's nuclear banker is located was exempt from mobilization

    One of the regions of the Russian Federation was not involved in the "partial" mobilization of Russians for war in Ukraine. None of the inhabitants of the Altai region was called up for service there, said the senator from the region, Vladimir Poletaev.

    "At the moment, not a single person has been called up from the Altai Republic as part of the partial mobilization. Military enlistment offices are working to update the available data on citizens, draft letters are being sent, " Poletaev wrote …

  • China wants to buy Siberian river water from Russia

    China is hoping to solve its water deficit in a number of regions with Russia’s help. The Chinese Association for Exchanges and Collaboration between Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and China has already sent the corresponding letter to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

    One of the options proposed by China is an intergovernmental project to divert water from Russia’s Altai Krai to western China through Kazakhstan. The construction of the water pipeline would cost an estimated $80 …

  • With no one to sell to, Gazprom cuts natural gas purchases from Turkmenistan

    The head of Russian natural gas giant Gazprom, Alexei Miller, recently reported to President Vladimir Putin that his company is able to harvest 617 billion cubic meters of gas annually, but last year it was able to sell only 444 billion, meaning the Public Joint Stock Company has a surplus of 173 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

    While western sanctions against Russia do not specifically target hydrocarbons, the conflict in Ukraine has undoubtedly led many western countries to turn to …