Russian Defense Ministry: Israel has destroyed ISIS positions in Syria

An Israeli strike on July 25 in Syria has destroyed ISIS militants and missile launch sites, the Russian Defense Ministry told journalists Thursday.

According to authorities, at around 9:30 pm Moscow time a group of ISIS militants, “in an attempt to provoke an Israeli attack on Syrian army positions, drew artillery fire from the Israeli forces stationed near the population centers of Nafakh and Al-Shajara (Quneitra province)."

“A targeted counterattack by Israeli air forces and artillery resulted in the effective elimination of the ISIS terrorists and missile launch sites” according to the Ministry.  

The Russian Defense Ministry also noted that the command of the Russian contingent in Syria has expressed gratitude to Israeli forces for destroying the militants and preventing a major terrorist operation.

Earlier the Israeli army’s press office reported that on Wednesday Israeli Defense Forces destroyed a launch site in Syria, which had fired two missiles at Israeli. The newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth writes that the launch site was controlled by ISIS. 

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