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  • Israel attacks Islamic Jihad positions in Syria, killing two militants

    Two members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group were killed in an overnight Israeli air strike in Damascus, the group itself said on Monday.

    Israeli fighter jets carried out air strikes on suspected Islamic Jihad positions in Syria shortly before midnight on Sunday after clashes between the militant group and Israeli forces in Gaza earlier in the day.

    The strikes on the outskirts of Damascus targeted the "Islamic Jihad activity center in Syria," as the Israeli military described it. The …

  • Russia declares Wagner PMC mercenary captured by ISIS dead

    In May 2019, the family of the Cossack Grigory Tsurkanu received a death certificate for him, even though he had been considered only “missing” until then, Kommersant reports, citing its own sources.

    In 2017, Tsurkanu, a mercenary from the Wagner private military company (PMC), was captured in Syria by Islamic State (IS) fighters. His whereabouts and status are still unknown. According to the newspaper, this situation resulted in “financial and domestic difficulties” for Tsurkanu’s relatives. …

  • Kremlin: Russia awaits proof of Islamic State's leader death

    The Russian Defense Ministry doubts that the  success of the special operation of the American military in Syria, reports Interfax news agency. Earlier, US President Donald Trump announced that the leader of the Islamic State  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead.

    "The increase in the number of direct participants and countries allegedly participating in this "operation," each giving contradictory details, create reasonable questions and doubts about its reality and success," said chief spokesman for …

  • Russia denies assisting US special forces to eliminate ISIS leader

    The Russian Defense Ministry reported that it knew nothing about "allowing the flight of US aircraft" into Syrian airspace to conduct the special operation to eliminate the leader of the Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, reports RBC news agency, citing the statement of the spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov.

    The Russian Defense Ministry claims that there are no records of a recent US or coalition airstrikes in the Syrian province to kill the terrorist.

    "The increase …

  • 50 Russian women and children have gone missing from ISIS detention camp Syria

    About 50 Russian women and their children have gone missing in Syria after they left the Ain Issa camp which has been used as a prison for families of Islamic State militants, reports the Russian service of the BBC.

    According to the news agency, the camp which were previously controlled by the Kurdish militia was left without proper protection after Turkey launched a military operation on the border with Syria, and the Kurds had to leave their positions.

    A few days after the camp was deserted, …

  • Kurds: 850 ISIS fighters have escaped from prison camp in northern Syria

    The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), comprised primarily of Kurds, have been publishing reports about a problem that has arisen in connection with the Turkish military operation in northern Syria. Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” has been underway for several days already, involving the so-called Free Syrian Army and a contingent of the Turkish Armed Forces.

    SDF spokesperson Mustafa Bali said that prison camps for previously captured ISIS terrorists have been left virtually unguarded due to …

  • Russian Foreign Ministry confirms death of three officers in Syria

    The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that three officers from the Russian contingent in Syria, who were officially reported missing in February 2019, were killed in Syria.

    On February 22 in Syria, a car with three Russian servicemen, a major and two colonels, was ambushed by Islamic State militants. For a long time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not confirm the death of the servicemen, claiming that they were simply missing. However, it became known later that the military were …

  • Russian delegation arrives in Israel to discuss Syrian-Iranian issue

    A delegation from Moscow headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin and Russian President's Special Envoy Alexander Lavrentiev arrived in Israel.

    They were received at the Israeli Foreign Ministry by the General Director of the diplomatic department Yuval Rotem. The Kremlin envoys are expected to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Israeli sources, the parties will discuss "Syrian issues”.

    As reported on the …

  • Norway detains Russian citizen suspected of terrorism

    The Oslo District Court made a decision to arrest a 20-year-old Russian for a month. The Russian man allegedly attacked a woman with a knife at a supermarket. The victim’s condition is critical, reported Aftenposten.

    Ola Lunde, a lawyer from Bashkortostan, claims his client's personality as inadequate. According to the lawyer, the Russian man is convinced that all Christians deserve death.

    “Detention is necessary for the public. I can state this regardless of the fact that I am his lawyer,” …

  • Ukraine presents report at NATO Parliamentary Assembly on Kremlin’s ties to Taliban and ISIS

    The Ukrainian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA) presented a report on the Kremlin’s ties to Islamist terrorist groups. The authors of the report devoted special attention to the support provided by Russia to the Islamic State, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and Hezbollah in Lebanon, reported Iryna Friz, MP from the Petro Poroshenco Bloc and head of the Ukrainian delegation.

    “The Taliban is the topic of a separate Parliamentary Assembly report which will be brought up for …