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  • As Syrian Army claims full control over Abu Kamal, ISIS launches counteroffensive

    Syrian Army regained control of the town of Abu Kamal, which was previously capture by ISIS, Russian media reports with reference to sources in Syrian Army.

    Syria government news agency SANA also reported a victory in Abu Kemal, stating that "the Syrian army and its allies liberated the last area of the city, which was under the control of the ISIS".

    The town of Abu Kemal, which was the last stronghold of ISIS in Syria, has passed several times over the past few weeks from one side to another. …

  • Russia starts investigation into employee who published footage from video game as ‘proof of U.S. support of ISIS in Syria’

    The Russian Ministry of Defense is conducting an investigation into an employee who mistakenly attached photographs to military department statement on the interaction of the U.S.-led international coalition and militants of ISIS in the city of Abu Kamal in Syria. This was stated in a release from the Russian defense department, reported RIA Novosti.

    The investigation that is being conducted concerns a civil service employee, the release stated.

    On Tuesday, the Russian Defense Ministry …

  • Syrian army reluctant to storm final ISIS stronghold

    The Syrian army and its allies have not yet begun the assault on the city of Abu Kamal in the Deir ez-Zor province, considered the Islamic State terrorist group’s final stronghold in Syrian territory, reported on the Telegram channel Directorate 4, which monitors Syrian conflict.

    There is heavy artillery presence in the region. The militants’ positions are being bombarded with 152 millimeter and 122 millimeter self-propelled 2S3 Akatsiya and 2S1 Gvozdika howitzers. “It can be assumed that the …

  • ISIS recaptures strategic city of Abu Kamal from Syrian Army

    According to Iranian news agency Fars, citing the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as a source, troops loyal to Bashar al-Assad’s regime were forced to retreat from the city of Abu Kamal because of strong pressure from ISIS militants.

    The news agency indicates that fighting continues in the vicinity of Abu Kamal, where the government army and military groups from Hezbollah are attempting to organize a counteroffensive.

    The Russian media reported that Abu Kamal, which was considered the …

  • Russian State Duma: Russians captured in Syria have been executed

    Roman Zabolotny and Grigory Tsurkanu, who were shown in the video from Syria with captured Russian soldiers, have most likely been killed by Islamic State militants, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for the CIS and European Integration Viktor Vodolatsky told reporters on October 5.

    According to the MP, on camera the prisoners refused to renounce their orthodox faith, adopt Islam and join ISIS, and so they were killed by the terrorists. Vodolatsky did not disclose the information’s …

  • ISIS announces capture of two Russian soldiers in Syria

    The terrorist group ISIS captured two Russian soldiers in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, reported SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors the activities of terrorists, citing Amaq news agency.

    It was also reported that one of the Russian soldiers was killed.

    Later, a representative of the Russian Khmeimim Air Base told Russia’s Interfax news agency that the information about the capture and death of Russian military in the Deir ez-Zor province is untrue.

    “There were no incidents connected …

  • Russian Security Service detains suicide bombers who planned to carry out terrorist attacks in Moscow

    Officers of the FSB in Russia detained four ISIS terrorists who were preparing to commit a series of terrorist attacks in shopping centers and on public transportation in Moscow.

    The FSB reported that “members of a terrorist group were detained as a result of a special operation. Among them are the organizer of the attacks, who is an emissary of the Islamic State; an expert in the manufacture of explosive devices; and two suicide bombers.”

    The terrorist group consisted of a Russian citizen …

  • Ukrainian court issued arrest warrant for a Russian citizen accused of having ties with ISIS

    A Russian citizen who had been wanted internationally on suspicion of involvement in the activities of the Islamic State terrorist organization was arrested in Ukraine for two months by the judgment of Kharkiv court. The information was formally released by Vita Dubovik, the Press Secretary of the Prosecutor of the Kharkiv Oblast.

    “A 26-year-old Russian citizen who had been wanted internationally on suspicion of involvement in the IS was arrested for two months without bail,” Ukrinform agency …

  • Russia: Unidentified aircraft helping ISIS in Afghanistan

    The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the flights of an unidentified aircraft which provides assistance to ISIS in Afghanistan.

    The ministry drew attention to reports of regular flights of an aircraft without identification marks in various regions of Afghanistan. In particular, the reports contain information about instances where boxes with weapons and other supplies were dropped for ISIS units.

     “This naturally raises a question to the above-mentioned representatives of NATO …

  • Russian warships fire cruise missiles at targets in Syria

    Russian frigate Admiral Essen and the submarine Krasnodar which are currently in the Mediterranean fired four Kalibr cruise missiles at Islamic State targets in the Syrian Palmyra region, as reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

    All the missiles reportedly hit their targets. The strikes were directed at heavy equipment and troops brought over from Raqqa.

    The Russian Ministry of Defense emphasized that the “commands of the US, Turkey and Israel were informed in good time about the …