Russian Security Service detains suicide bombers who planned to carry out terrorist attacks in Moscow

Officers of the FSB in Russia detained four ISIS terrorists who were preparing to commit a series of terrorist attacks in shopping centers and on public transportation in Moscow.

The FSB reported that “members of a terrorist group were detained as a result of a special operation. Among them are the organizer of the attacks, who is an emissary of the Islamic State; an expert in the manufacture of explosive devices; and two suicide bombers.”

The terrorist group consisted of a Russian citizen and three citizens of central Asian countries.

The FSB added that a laboratory for the production of explosives and explosive devices was discovered outside of Moscow, but it is no longer of any danger to anyone.

The FSB noted that the terrorist attacks that had been planned were organized by leaders of ISIS in Syria, “including two men on the international wanted list: T.M. Nazarov and A. Shirindzhonov, who is head of the ISIS demolition school.”

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