Kurds: 850 ISIS fighters have escaped from prison camp in northern Syria

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), comprised primarily of Kurds, have been publishing reports about a problem that has arisen in connection with the Turkish military operation in northern Syria. Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” has been underway for several days already, involving the so-called Free Syrian Army and a contingent of the Turkish Armed Forces.

SDF spokesperson Mustafa Bali said that prison camps for previously captured ISIS terrorists have been left virtually unguarded due to the combat in the region.

The Kurdish administration in northern Syria confirmed that prisoners have managed to open the gates and escape from a major prison camp in an area that is being bombarded by Turkish aircraft.

The SDF spokesperson’s tweet states that roughly 850 ISIS fighters escaped from the camp. The Islamic State terrorists had previously come to Syria from countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UK, Indonesia, Ireland, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Russia. The camp in question is situated near the settlement of Ain Issa.

The escaped terrorists have scattered throughout northern Syria. It is possible that some of them will attempt to make it to Turkey or Iraq and then, disguised as refugees, return to the countries from which they originally came to Syria.

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