Putin's Press Secretary: Putin disagrees with Zelensky's use of term 'occupied Donbas'

The Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin does not agree with Ukrainian President Zelensky's use of term "the occupied Donbas," which he used during the negotiations at the Normandy Four meeting, reports TASS.

"During the negotiations, speakers made such a remark every time. They were saying "occupied territories as you say, but we disagree with that," Peskov explained.

According to him, everyone clearly emphasized their disagreement with one or another wording.

"Putin repeatedly and constantly says that he does not agree with such wording, but Ukrainian representatives continue to use this formulation. It is a work-related situation during negotiations. No one refuses their formulations, but no one hesitates to speak about their disagreement," said Peskov.

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