Putin meets with Macron on the eve of his meeting with Trump  

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with French President Emmanuel Macron on July 15th in the Kremlin, as stated by the official website of the Russian president.
“Gradually the usual channels of cooperation are being restored. This gives reason to believe that we will overcome all obstacles that we have dealt with in the past” states the press service of the Kremlin quoting the words of the President.

The Kremlin website does not specify the details of the conversation. At the same time, The Elysee Palace had no details of the meeting.
The conversation between Putin and Macron took place before the final match of the World Cup which took place in Russia. The French team won the event for the second time in its history defeating Croatia’s team with a score of 4 to 2.

On the 15th of July, it became known that French President Emmanuel Macron intends to talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on the 15th of July in regards to Ukraine, Iran and Syria. This was reported by the Reuters agency citing a source close to the French president.

On June 14th the 2018 World Cup kicked off during a boycott by world politicians in regards to worsening relationships between Russia and the West.
In the European Parliament on June 14, European leaders and diplomats were urged not to participate in the FIFA World Cup.

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