President Zelensky visits Ukrainian volunteer battalion to discuss withdrawal of forces in Donbas

President Vladimir Zelensky visited the Ukrainian volunteer battalion in the area which was left by the Ukrainian Armed forces in Zolote, reported the telegram channel of the Ukrainian National Corps.

"Zelenlsy came to the volunteers in Zolote. There was a serious talk about the withdrawal [of troops] and the front line," – the Ukrainian volunteers write.

Zelensly was accompanied by presidential aide Andriy Yermak and Deputy Head of the National Police Vadim Troyan.

During the conversation with the volunteers, Zelensly said that the locals want the withdrawal of forces, and the Ukrainian military believe that it will be safe.

"People want the withdrawal. I understand what you're saying - so that there are no serious mistakes, losses and stuff. But it seems to me we should try to end the war. But here are our military, they are in charge here. And with all due respect, they're the ones who are dealing with the security situation. I trust our military. And you also fought and respect the army. They are there on the front line, at the zero positions," he said.

Responding to one of the interlocutors named Denis, who said that “Ukraine actually agrees to a truce with terrorist organizations DPR and LPR”, Zelensky replied: "I don't care who we will sign the truce with. We need to return the territory and stop the killings."

Another video shows that at the end of the meeting the president and the volunteer Denis had an argument. Denis tried to turn the conversation into a political plane, demanding to react to the actions of the National Corps and, apparently, came to the president carrying a weapon.

"I've come to you," said the Zelensky, and you're trying to change the topic. You can't give me any ultimatums at all. You don't get it. Should we come in to take away your guns? I don't understand what we're going to end up with now, boys," said Zelensky.

"Look, I'm the president of this country, I'm 42 years old. I'm not a sucker, I came to you and said, take your guns away. Don’t provoke me. I wanted to see understanding in your eyes, and I saw a guy who decided that there was a slob in front of him and you are trying to change the topic," the president said.

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